September 25, 2012

Young Blood Mineral Lipstick in Vivid - Review and Swatches

Today's post is about this delicious cool toned watermelon pink lipstick called Vivid. Its by Young Blood Mineral Cosmetics. I haven't tried many mineral lipsticks but it feels so rewarding to use a high quality, paraben free and vegan lipsticks. So lets move on to the photos and my review.



I am always on a look out for hydrating lipsticks and I am so glad this mineral lipstick is very creamy and moisturizing. Unlike other mineral lipsticks I had used in the past, this one is very smooth on application with a creamy finish that lasts almost 5-6 hours on me. Even when it fades, it fades evenly and leaves a pretty stain on lips, so I do not look totally washed out. I have had meals with this one too and it does survive a meal, unless I am eating burgers or something extremely oily, that would melt away the lipstick.

The shade called Vivid is a bright cool toned pink, almost like a cool toned watermelon pink and it actually goes really well with my warm medium skin tone. I would highly recommend this to all my friends and sisters because its a really awesome product. Young Blood has a good range of colors in their lipstick line and I am sure to grab a few more for myself.

These are priced at $19 which I feel is a good price for such a high quality lipstick. Its a cruelty-free, paraben-free, nano-free, non-comedogenic and non acnegenic, talc-free and vegan. (Its okay if you dint get all that jargon =D)

Hope you liked this vegan mineral lipstick form Young Blood. You can find out more here

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  1. it is looking so amazing on your lips...and welcome to blogging :)