October 5, 2012

Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer - Review and Swatch

I have often mentioned Maybelline's Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer in my previous posts and I felt today is the right time to share about it. This was actually one of the first beauty item I bought after coming to Canada. Thanks to Makeup by TiffanyD for creating such a hype about it :P And to be honest, I am pleasantly surprised at how much this concealer has to offer.


Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in Medium 

The shade that I decided to go with is Medium. There are six shades available so you should be able to find one for yourself. I had initially decided to go with the Nuetralizer shade but when it was decision time, I picked up Medium because I thought that should work for my skin tone.
The Nuetralizer shade, by the way, is for extreme dark circles and is recommended to use along with your regular shade. So may be in future, if I feel the need I would invest in that. Its only $12 so it won't hurt me much.
What I really like about this concealer is the smooth texture if offers. Its not too creamy nor too liquid. I would say its similar to Maybelline's Dream Liquid Foundation that it not too thin, not too thick. I feel its the perfect texture for covering the under eye because I do not need to rub it on my skin, nor do I need to blend it for long. Its so easy to blend and completely camouflages the dark circles. I even noticed that it makes fines lines under the eye less prominent and also reduces puffiness to an extent that I can actually fake a 12 hour sleep! If you want to look fresh and awake every morning, this is the product that will illuminate your eyes!
You may recall that I was never satisfied with any concealer I used, as they either seemed to be too cakey, too creamy or just not enough for me.. but with this one I am really satisfied. Its got the right texture for the delicate under eye area and the applicator is designed to do just the right job. As you may see in the pics above, the applicator is like a fluffy ball which ensures that you do not stretch your under eye skin while applying. I simply dab it on and blend with a concealer brush. I use Sigma's P84 for that and it works wonderfully well.

So I hope you like this review. Please share your thoughts on this concealer and whether you are using it or plan to use it.

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