October 9, 2012

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish Foundation Review and Swatches

So today, I am sharing with you, Maybelline's Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish Foundation. Its my current favorite foundation from the drug store and there are so many reasons why I like it. Here's a post to keep up with you guys.

 I feel Sandy Beige is a great shade for medium skin tone as it has neutral undertones. Its not too pink and not too yellow so it should work for both skin tones, as long as you don't have predominantly yellow or pink complexion. In the pictures below you may be able to spot the yellow and the pink undertones of this foundation shade.


So far, I am really enjoying this foundation. It has a slightly thicker consistency than the traditional liquid foundation, maybe because this is a liquid mousse foundation. It blends like a dream with just about any tool, whether you have wedges, beauty blender, stippling brush, foundation brush or a flat top kabuki. I personally prefer using a stippling brush or a flat top kabuki with this, because it works best for me. 

What I absolutely love about it, is that, this foundation is quite hydrating and gives a luminous finish to skin. There are no dry patches on skin after applying this, nor does it settle in to fine lines on skin. It even gives a great coverage to pores!

Talking about the coverage, I would say, its a full coverage foundation. It covers all redness and blemishes resulting in an even complexion. I often feel the  need to set it with a finishing powder but I only do that for day time looks. Its my favorite foundation for photos and night outs because it looks extremely good on camera and I can actually feel the air brushed effect on my skin which shows up even better in pics. 

Since we don't live in a perfect world, there are some issues with this. If you apply too much or you don't blend it well it can appear cakey, so blend it well. (Btw, I normally spend the most time blending my foundation because that is the base of my makeup and requires greatest amount of attention). Moreover, this foundation tends to start oxidizing in a couple of hours so a primer is a must have with this. I am using Cover FX Primer that literally makes this foundation last me all day! 

The shade that I chose is Medium 1, called Sandy Beige. I got it from Shoppers Drug Mart where the SA matched me with this foundation shade. It really does seem to be a perfect match but I am often told by my dear ones, that I look slightly darker when I put this on. I personally, feel okay with this shade since this is the lightest in the medium range, but maybe for future I may choose another shade. Yea, I will repurchase this :) 

I got this for around $14 from Shoppers Drug Mart. You may be able to find it, a couple of dollars cheaper at Walmart. Overall, I really like it for the flawless finish, hydration and good coverage  on my skin.

Hope you found this helpful and do share your favorite drugstore foundations with me :)


  1. i liked this review... wondering if its available in karachi.

  2. it can be best for my summer collection

  3. i have the same one but it does not stay for long ... :(