November 10, 2020

Dior Pump 'N' Volume Mascara & Lipstick Set Review and Swatches

One of the most coveted gift sets at Sephora, mainly due to its affordability as a gift under $50 and because it offers two iconic Dior products - the Pump 'N' Volume HD Mascara and the beautiful mini Rouge Dior lipstick. A beautiful red lip and a mascara that promises clump free 'XXL lashes' is definitely the look many of us would sport this holiday season. With the fear of smearing red lipstick all over my face due to masks, I have started to carry my lipstick in my purse, only to quickly apply when I remove my mask and dab off in a napkin before I put my mask on again. I find long lasting lipsticks like the Givenchy Deep Velvets great for this (reviewed here), as they leave a lovely stain on my lips, however, if I am carrying a clutch bag, then I would prefer a mini lipstick and what better lipstick can I carry than the classic Rouge Dior 999.
More on this and the swatches of Pump 'N' Volume HD mascara in today's blog!

As the instructions on the package suggest that to get a nice even coat, squeeze the bottom of the tube once or twice to 'soften the formula', and then apply vertically sweeping from roots to tips. I did my best to squeeze it and the formula still seemed a bit dry on my lashes and eventually ended up flaking. I liked how my lashes looked, and it did seem to have added a lot of volume, curl and lift to my lashes.

I absolutely love mascara wands like this one, which have a combing effect on lashes and are big enough to cover all my lashes in in coat. I really like this wand!

Here are the swatches of the Dior Pump 'N' Volume Mascara on my lashes, without any eye makeup. I just wanted to show how the mascara looks on its own, so please ignore my veiny eyelids. You can see that this mascara is quite decent in terms of adding volume, lift and curl but it isn't clump free. You can clearly see how it has bunched up my lashes and though it doesn't look horrible, it is not what I expected. Another let down was how it flakes off, especially if I apply it on the lower lashes, which I did for these swatches.  

So overall, this is a great set, I am not a huge fan of this mascara, because I prefer other Dior mascaras over this one. It does make a great gift though at a $37 price tag and with a mini Rouge Dior, this is totally gift worthy!What holiday gifts did you pick from Sephora? Share yours in the comments below!

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