July 21, 2020

DIOR CAPTURE YOUTH New Skin Effect Enzyme Solution Age-Delay Resurfacing Water REVIEW

I had been looking for a multi purpose product like this one for a long time. The Dior Capture Youth Enzyme Solution is not just a toner,  but can be used as a face mask too. It is designed to be used in conjunction with other Dior Capture Youth products and I shall detail that routine below but first I need to highlight what it promises. 

The Dior Capture Youth Enzyme Water promises to clarify, brighten, hydrate the skin, delay the signs of aging and leave it feeling silky soft. The efficacy of this product was measured in clinical trials with only 32 women and even then only 12% (4 out of 32) felt that it improved the appearance of skin and only 14% (5 out of 32 women) felt that skin was brighter and worse of all, only 26% (8 out of 32 women) described their skin as softer! (Source: Sephora.comThese disparaging stats did not deter me from trying it. 

So did I became part of the 14% or 12% or 26 % who saw some kind of promised results or not? Let's find out!!

Dior Capture Youth New Skin Effect Enzyme Solution promises to get rid of dead skin cells and diminish surface imperfections, boosting the efficacy of any subsequently applied Dior Capture Youth serum. This is made in France and has a beautiful fragrance to it. You know I love skincare that smells amazing and the white flower scent on this, is sort of hard to describe for me, but its a nice one. 

Though it is described as a lotion, it's the same texture as a toner. It's like water but perfumed and feels nice on skin. This is the first step towards the Dior Capture Youth skincare routine and the Enzyme water preps the skin to be treated with  Dior Capture Youth Serum (there are 6 to choose from), followed by Capture Youth Age Delay Moisturizer and Eye Treatment. I used this with my night oil and night cream. For day time, I followed this with my daily moisturizer and sun screen.
According to the packaging there are two ways you can use the Dior Capture Youth New Skin Effect Enzyme Solution Age-Delay Resurfacing Water. This is how I use it:

1. As a Toner
  • After cleansing and drying your face, apply to face using finger tips or dab on face using a cotton pad soaked in lotion
  • This can be done daily after cleansing and before applying a serum or moisturizer
2. As a mask
  • Soak cotton pad in the lotion and place them on your face for 10 minutes and relax. You can target areas that need more help, such as dark spots or dry patches. 
So having used this regularly, did I feel it made any difference to my skin? I felt my skin was hydrated and soft after using this but those results do not last all day and I would still feel dryness towards the end of day. I do not know if the enzyme water actually removes dead skin, but just like my toner, it would remove any remaining makeup or impurities on skin. If you think its a face peel, you will be disappointed.

When I was using this I also had breakouts and my acne just kept getting worse. I am not sure if I had this to blame because I was going through a lot of stress and that could have messed up my skin. However, once I stopped using it my acne flare ups reduced and I just did a diy honey+lemon mask every other day to get rid of dark spots etc. on my skin. 

So overall, I think it does remove impurities from skin and hydrates, but I do not think it worked to brighten or help my skin condition in any other way. For just basic performance, I think the price of C$83 is too high, even though this is a good sized bottle at 150ml. I will not recommend this or repurchase because I feel there are better products available. Or just do a honey+lemon mask once in a while to brighten up your complexion.

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