December 10, 2019

Skincare #SephoraHaul and Sephora Tough as Nails Manicure Kit - Review

Hey guys!
This winter is much milder than last years, and though I am not complaining, but it makes me realize how we are slowly becoming part of climate change. I realized that the small samples, that I love to get with my order, add significantly to the landfills, as most are single use items, or are too small to be kept and often gets spoiled lying around in the drawers for years. They fill up my recycle bin with the excess paper packaging and the small plastic containers - well they are just landfill material. I am trying to buy bigger sizes of the products I like but I also love to get the more convenient 50ml size, which I can use for travel as well. It's a tough situation to be in and how I have become entitled to products that serve me, just because I can afford them. It is a time for change in lifestyle and something I will look forward to in 2020.
For now, let's talk about my recent skincare haul. I got these from Sephora as a bare minimum of what I need now, as compared to future. Don't we all buy more, cuz we think we might need it and often forget about using them. So I got the exfoliant, the face washes and the manicure kit that I needed and have started using! Yayy!! Using my purchases is so pleasure-full!!! LOL
Reviews in today's blog!

FRESH Charming Duo Gift Set - $29
This gift set caught my eye because it includes my favorite soy cleanser from fresh and also a strawberry wash, which is not a true exfoliating scrub, but a nice cleanser for everyday use. I have kept these for my upcoming vacation as the size is perfect for travel. This set is also a great value, as  I get two 50ml face washes for under $30! It is a great deal and something anyone can easily incorporate in their skincare routine.
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JACK BLACK Face Buff Energizing Scrub - $38
I was a little nervous when getting this because Jack Black is a brand commonly seen in a men's salon and even in Sephora, it's clearly targeted to men. It even says in the description for the Face Buff, that it is for "...removing oil, dirt and dead cells ..helps the razor get closer to the skin for a smoother, easier shave."
So what was I thinking?!! 
The texture and function of this is very similar to Dr Brandt's Microdermabrasion which retails for $102 (review here) for 2 oz of product. This Face Buff is only $38 for 6 oz. I guess its mainly because men's skincare products are cheaper than women's. Whatever the case might be, I like to use a good quality product and something that does what it promises and Jack Black's Face Buff is exactly that!
It is a great product for exfoliating skin. I use it twice a week - on the weekend and mid week. I have noticed a considerable difference in how my pores appear, ever since I started using this. It not only exfoliates dead skin cells, but cleanses and tightens pores as well. The result is fresher and younger looking skin. 
I must inform you that this smells heavily of a men's product - menthol, aftershave type of fragrance and leaves skin feeling cold and minty. I am not a fan of this cool feeling and I hope there will be a mint free formula soon. Overall, this is a great deal for a high quality facial exfoliator. Since it works deeply, its recommended to be used every 3-4 days. I also felt that it makes my skin slightly dry so I follow with a moisturizing night cream. 
As always, please exfoliate at night to allow skin to recover and replenish during sleep. I absolutely love it and that is why bought the full side tube.     
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SEPHORA COLLECTION Tough As Nails Deluxe Manicure Kit - $27
I am one of those unicorns who do not like to go to a salon for a manicure. I know that nail business is unregulated in Calgary which means that hygiene standards do not need to be enforced and its really up to the salon owner to do whatever they please. I am not against it, but I have seen and heard enough about nail salons that prevents me from being there.
So a good nail manicure kit is a must have for a person like me and anyone else, who likes to do a little maintenance on the weekend or when needed. This kit has everything I can image to cut and shape my nails and cuticles. It's missing a nail buffer or a nail file. But those don't last long and need to be replaced every couple of months, so I am okay with that.
Overall a great little kit with good size nail clippers that should last me a lifetime.
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I hope this review helps you in picking up products for yourself during the Sephora Sale season. Currently there is a $15 off on $75 for Beauty Insiders and $20 off on $75 for VIBs with code 2019HOORAY (Ends Dec17th).  Its a great discount especially if your order in under $100 or better if its exactly $75!

Happy shopping!

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