March 7, 2018

L'OCCITANE MELTING BUTTER in Shea Butter and Wonderful Jasmine Review

These melting butters are sent from heavens!!
They nourish my winter skin like nothing I have ever used before. I love the L'occitane Intensive Hand Balm which contains 25% shea butter and I still use that everyday but the new Melting Butters are much more nourishing and they work wonderfully on hands, knees, heels and anywhere else, I want to protect and soften skin. I have seen a noticeable improvement on my cuticles and heels, which otherwise were cracked no matter what I applied or how much I exfoliated! 
I love the scent in L'occitane's Shea Butter and absolutely enjoy the new Jasmine scent. These body butters look like a whipped cream in the jar that literally melts on skin and when massaged for a little while, it absorbs completely!! 
More on this very important winter beauty essential in today's blog...

This season my hands took the most brunt of the cold dry winter season and since we have six months of snow, it is impossible to keep skin looking its best all season long - especially on my hands and feet. I love indulging in a bath every few days because that is the most effective way to keep skin looking healthy and moisturized. Every since I started using the Loccitane Melting Butters I noticed a huge difference in how my skin felt and looked.
My cuticles looks much more moisturized and softened. There are no white flakes around my nails that you might have noticed in my nail posts this season :P Truth is that winters are never easy on a person with naturally dry skin! Even if you do not have dry skin, this dry weather greatly affects how our skin looks and feels. I started using these Melting Butters at night time and my hands and feet were always moisturized in the morning. Even after a shower, I could feel the effects of the Melting Butter on my moisturized skin. It works like magic on dryness!!

Wonderful Jasmine melting butter, quickly became my favorite, because the scent reminded me of the jasmine garden in my childhood home. It is such a beautiful scent that invigorates all my senses and I feel so pampered and relaxed. Melting Butters from L'occitane contain 70% shea butter and it literally just melts on skin - just like butter would! They feel oily initially but withing minutes of massaging them on skin they completely absorb in skin. Its one of the few body butters that do not leave greasiness all over my body. These easy to apply and quick absorbing shea body butters from L'occitane is everything I need, to take care of my dry winter skin. If you haven't tried these yet, I would highly recommend you try the Melting Butters form L'occitane and feel a difference yourself.

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