April 11, 2017

VICHY PURETÉ THERMALE Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover - Review

It feels like ages since I last saw green grass and its so hard to keep waiting for this city to get green. To make myself feel positive, I planted petunias indoors from seeds because I loved how they performed in my yard last summer and hope I can get some results (fingers crossed). I have been highly unsuccessful in growing anything indoors, but the outdoor conditions are so bizarre - its windy, sunny, 11 degrees, snow showers, dry and feels cold enough for a jacket - all at the same time! Its hard for me to survive, let alone tiny baby seeds!
And my skin! Ahh it's freaking out!! I have been so fortunate to be using some of the most wonderful products that I loved this whole month and then the dry weather made my skin so flaky..those products seems to be giving up. Like, I can literally hear my night serum say "WTF! Your skin was great last night..what happened during the day?!" The only area that still hasn't chapped is my lips. Thank goodness for the launch of so many lip oils that makes it a bit more bearable and of course I slather Nivea cream everywhere to protect my skin.
I have also started to enjoy ViPR and Hatha Yoga at my gym and I try to never miss my class, however today I did. I ended up at the park for a brisk walk and of course I had to wear my waterproof eye makeup because it could have snowed rained. I almost always wear my waterproof mascara and eyeliner now because I can remove it in a breeze, thanks to this amazing product from VICHY Canada. I have loved almost every VICHY product and I couldn't wait any longer to share this with you.

As you can see from the swatch above that Vichy Purete Thermale Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover removes a LOT in one wipe and then I swipe it multiple times to completely clean my eye area. There is some oily residue which evaporates within a minute and leaves the eye area moisturized but not particularly greasy. I always wash my entire face including eyes with a cleanser after makeup remover. This is designed as a 'no-rinse' makeup remover and it definitely feels ok to not rinse. I guess I am a habitual double cleanse person because I try to always wash my face before bed.

Vichy Purete Thermale Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover has no detectable scent! It does not feel harsh at all, not does it cause any sensitivities. I am so happy that all my waterproof mascara comes off without breaking my lashes. My eyes are quite sensitive to many eye makeup removers available and I am so happy that this one is gentle and works quickly. 
I just shake the bottle and then moisten the cotton ball and gently swipe it over my lids. At the back label it mentions that it contains a fortifying complex that strengthens lashes and I feel that is true because I haven't lost any lash since I started using this. Its formulated with Vichy Thermal Spa Water, so there is a lot of good, soothing ingredients in this eye makeup remover. 

Its also paraben free and is suitable for contact lens wearers. It retails for $19.95 for this 150ml bottle which is a steal because I only need very little for my eyes and this bottle lasts me over 3 months!

Overall, a wonderful product at every makeup lover must have. Its far better than most of waterproof eye makeup removers I have tried.

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