November 3, 2016

OPI’s Fall and Winter 2016 Collection

Indulge in OPI’s gorgeous Fall/Winter Collection and match your nails to your outfits, wearing your favourite look up to your nails whether you want to make it full colors or texturized for a total match!

OPI presents you 10 must have shades of this season that will make you travel to the Fashion Weeks:
Starting with Malaga Wine, a rich wine red, the Hawaiian Orchid tropical pink with hints of purple,
Eurso Euro, a deep blue continental cream, In the Cable Car Pool Lane to be the burgundy that will takeyou away, Your Sucha Budapest for a periwinkle-purple, Dulce de Leche the taste of sweet creamy nude, a warm red Color So Hot Berns, Alpine Snow will bring you a crisp white, the trendy taupe You Don’t Know Jacques and Up front and Personal to give your nails a golden glitter you’ll really “spark”le to!

This collection includes the following shades:

  • Malaga wine: A rich, intoxicating wine-red

  • Hawaiian Orchid: Tropical pink with hints of light purple.
  • Up front and Personal: A golden glitter you’ll really “spark”le to!

  • Your Sucha Budapest: If I let you borrow this periwinkle-purple, will you go away?

  • You Don’t Know Jacques: If you don’t know how trendy this taupe is!

  • In the Cable Car Pool Lane: Good golly, Miss Trolley, this rich burgundy takes me away!

  • Alpine Snow: Fresh, crisp white, perfect for French-look tips

  • Color So Hot Berns: Cozy up to this warm red apres-ski

  • Dulce de Leche: A taste of sweet creamy nude

  • Eurso Euro: This deep blue cream is very continental

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