January 25, 2016

ThairAPY Salon and Dermalogica Skin Center - Review

I recently had a chance to visit ThairAPY Salon in Calgary for customized facial and skin mapping. I was attended by Erin who is a trained aesthetician and a very friendly person. She not only did my facial but also gave me a lot of information about what products were used on my face and I just knew that I am in good hands. All the products used during the facial were from Dermalogica.
A few of my favorites were the activated charcoal clay mask, the hydrating mist and exfoliation using products with rice enzyme and lactic acid. At the end of the facial, my skin looked so fresh and radiant, I couldn't believe how much of a difference a good facial can make.
Personalized skincare regimen samples to try out at home

Dermalogica Skin Mapping at ThairAPY Salon

At the end of my facial, skin mapping was done. The aesthetician used a blue light to see beneath skin's surface and informed me that all those blemishes and pigmentation on my face are superficial. I hope that it would clear out with regular exfoliation. They also offer microzone treatments targeting a specific concern so I guess I should be getting more exfoliation type treatments.
I walked away with some samples of Dermalogica products that were a personalized skin regimen to be used at home. Honestly, I felt amazing having an aesthetician take care of my skin and also be there to inform me of any warning signs. Its been two days since my facial and my skin looks so even toned and well exfoliated. I would totally go to ThairAPY for another facial, next month. For all pricing please click here. You can book an appointment online as well.
And now for the big reveal :D

I so wished I took my big camera to the salon for some HD close up (coughs). I have never felt this confident without a foundation on my face. Oh yea, at the end, I had a primer on my face that prepped my skin for makeup. But who needs makeup when your skin looks great?

Overall, I would recommend you guys to visit ThairAPY Salon and Dermalogica Skin Center. They offer all kinds of services from hair to nails and skin.

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