June 13, 2015

Smoother heels for Dad! Flexitol Heel Balm Review

Honestly, men deserve smoother heels a lot more than women, like seriously! I wonder why they ignore calluses and cracked heels?! Anyways, whether its dads or moms, Flexitol is a fantastic way to quickly heal dry and rough feet. I regularly scrub my feet, and started applying this instead of my foot cream and the results were smoother, softer foot in just a matter of days. So I tried this on my husband, who has a couple of small calluses on one foot. Wanna know the results? Keep reading...

Flexitol is a medically proven treatment for rough & dry feet and is suitable for skincare of diabetics. Its formulated with 25% urea and is a unique blend of ingredients that hydrate, heal and protect heels and feet. Its completely non greasy and does not transfer on bed sheet, which is awesome.
A little bit is needed for the entire foot. I just massage it and it absorbs quickly. When I rinse my feet with water (for ablution) I feel it on the surface of my skin, even after hours of application. So it truly does form a protective barrier that heals dry/cracked skin during the course of application.
I started using this on my husband and even though, he strongly dislike foot creams, he still gave in to my reqibut. I tested it out and I felt that the calluses on his foot improved. I could never get him to make it a ritual to apply it twice a day, as recommended, but even with on and off application, it worked.
The only thing I dislike is the strong medicine-like scent...and it lingers around for long. This one time, I applied it to my dry cuticles but I could not stand the scent of it and had to wash my hands.

So that was my experience with Flexitol. It makes a great gift if your Dad or husband's foot needs rescue (cuz you know, its hard to send them to a salon for pedicure :P)
Flexitol is also very affordable at only $10.49 and can be purchased from FarleyCo Beauty or major retailers including London Drugs, Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart. For a full list of retailers click here

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