March 6, 2015

Guerlain Meteorites Perles in shade 3 Medium Review

I absolutely love Guerlain Meteorites, just like everyone else. I have been using it for soo long but I never reviewed it, so I decided to do that today. Described as light revealing pearls of powder and categorized as a face powder: I use it primarily as a finishing powder.
This was, quite literally, the first finishing powder I came across, even before Hourglass Ambient Powders became popular and I feel, they truly are a finishing powder, because they do what they are meant to do. Its not a highlighting powder, it really just blurs imperfections and creates an illuminating effect - u know something like, what we use Instagram filters for! :D Its actually quite remarkable.

There is something so refined and sophisticated about the effect these Meteorites creates - its quite a lovely radiant look, but it also blurs the 'flatness' of foundation and gives dimension to face. I like to apply this to set my foundation before going on with blush or contouring powder. I often would just sweep it across my T-zone to blur appearance of pores.
Seldom, I do use it on top of my moisturizer to mattify and add glow to my complexion, without any foundation. It does make me look naturally radiant :) It never fails.

To apply it, I shake the box a little, then remove the puff, swirl around my powder brush, dust off excess in the box and sweep it across my face.
I do keep the puff on top, so the pearls do not break due to hitting the lid over and over again. That puff is such a pain to remove, since it has no ribbon or anything to pull it. I have to pinch it to pull it out.

However, this is not translucent, which some of you might expect from a setting powder, as this is a little more than that. It creates a radiant, youthful look. The shade Medium 3 has pink hues which might be a turn off for those with yellow or olive undertones in their complexion. However, this powder is buildable for a more pinky hue. If that bothers you, let me assure you that a single swipe across the face is enough to get all the benefits, without an overall pinky cast.

Comparatively, there are so many finishing powders out there which are great products, but if you like a little luxury and something special to finish your makeup with, I would totally recommend this. It smells amazing too - its truly a piece of luxury.

I love the youthful, radiant look it gives to me. I like a little pink radiance on my complexion - it just rejuvenates my complexion.

Also, its completely shimmer free which I love the most about it and thats also, the one thing, I dislike about Ambient Powders, is that they are shimmery and somewhat powdery for me.

I purchased this from The Bay for C$67 (price has gone up since then) and its available in 3 permanent shades: Claire, Medium and Intense. Guerlain has recently launch a pressed, compact version of this, which is so much better for travel.

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