February 12, 2015

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Bath Bomb and Poppy Seed Scrub Review

Sensual. Seductive. Euphoric. Indulgent.
This limited edition Smoky Poppy collection from The Body Shop, quite literally blew me away with the strong, heavy, earthy yet feminine scent that lasts all day. The poppy seeds are sourced from Ankara, Turkey. 
I tried the new bath bombs and the poppy seed scrub and I wanted to share them as a recommendation for Valentine's Day gifts. I would love to receive more of these products as gift. Hahaha. It totally is indulgent.
The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Bath Bombs and Poppy Seed Scrub 

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Bath Bombs 
Finally, the body Shop has bath bombs. We all love Lush bath bombs and even though I do not wanna draw a comparison out here, I am sure, that's what you are thinking, right?
So these are half the size of Lush bath bombs, but for the price, they are totally worth it. They fizz nicely- not too much, not too little - but enough for a nice soak. 
I follow with the Smoky Poppy Poppy Seed Scrub and its divine!! Ahhh! So cool.

You get 6 bath bombs for C$15, which is an incredible price. If you feel its a little less bubbly for your taste, then you can always add a second one. I love the scent of this. The little poppy seeds float around everywhere. I wish there was some hints of poppy flower, or the petals to floats in the bath tub to make its extra romantic....but anyways.

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Seed Scrub 

This poppy seed scrub is enriched with sugar cane  - so its a gritty sugar plus poppy seed scrub. It does an amazing job at exfoliating skin. I love how the scent lasts all day. I totally love this body scrub and did you know that I am a huge fan of The Body Shop's Body Butters and Body Scrubs? So this is no exception. I use this all the time, especially on my legs, because, it leaves them moisturized, so I don't need to apply any extra lotion or body butter.

I always looks forward to what new ingredients The Body Shop is offering and I also wanna try out the Wild Argan Oil line that was launch, a month ago, I am guessing. Its always nice to try out new scents and ingredients and be sure that the quality is going to be top notch. The Poppy Seed Scrub is a lovely addition to my bodycare routine.
Btw, I am pretty used to using white poppy seeds (khash khash) in my food recipes, but never really used the black one, so may be I will get them on my next grocery trip. Even though seeds don't smell like flowers :D :D Not that I have smelt the poppy flower, but a petal or two in the bath bomb would really have been nice.

Have you tried the Smoky Poppy Collection? Let me know if you are excited!!

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