December 7, 2014

Kelley West Microderm 360 Super Fine Target Tip Review

Ever since December started, I find myself more in the malls looking for gifts than actually blogging! This holiday season brings so many exciting deals, that are hard to pass and recently, there are so many holiday offers from Kelley West Microderm360. You can check them out on their Facebook Page.
I am a huge fan of Kelley West and her ageless skin. I mean, who looks that flawless in her forties?! She's truly an inspiration when it comes to good skincare routine and her invention, the Microderm360, is hands down the best skincare tool, I have ever come across. Click here if you would like to read my full review on Microderm360 Kit.
So today, I am sharing with you a relatively new diamond tip for the Microderm360 machine. Its called the Super Fine Target Tip and retails for $27.99. These diamond tips are made with real crushed diamonds and professional grade stainless steel. Its a very well made product and worth every cent.

The Super Fine Target Tip is designed to be used on face and specifically targets issues such as the 11 lines on forehead, blackheads, enlarged pores, fine lines around the eyes, wrinkles around the lips, acne scars and what not. It seems like its a solution for every skin issue.
I tested it out on an acne scar on my jawline, on my lips to plump it up and also on the contours of my nose and chin to get rid of whiteheads and black heads.

I noticed that this tip is a lot easier to use than the Fine Tip for face. The fine tip has to be used with caution and following the instructions correctly on the instruction manual, or watch this how to video by Kelley West.

The Super Fine Target Tip, is very gentle. I can use it in any way, without worrying about getting it all wrong. I strongly feel, that if you are new to microdermabrasion, than you must add this tip to your shopping list along with the Microderm360 Kit. It is so good for exfoliating lips and plumping them at the same time. The tip does not hurt at all even at such a sensitive area, like lips. I just sweep it in short strokes on my lips and it takes away all the dead skin. I was surprised at how much better my lips could look naturally, without using any lip products!

On my nose and chin, I felt, I had to use it everyday to get of all the black heads and dead skin in that area. I exfoliated with the Super Fine Tip for 3 nights regularly, before I saw that all my blackheads on the sides of the nose were gone. Now I use it once or twice a week, to maintain the results.

This tip is small so it works precisely on smaller areas and treat a specific concern. I tried it on my acne scar and I feel, it temporarily plumps up that area but in the next few days, the scar reappears. Thats weird, right?! But I guess, for something so hard to remove, it would take me more than just a few treatments to get it of it completely.

I find myself reaching out for the Super Fine Target Tip everyday. On some days, I even exfoliate my fingers and knuckles. I live in Alberta and getting dry hands is pretty common. I exfoliate with the Microderm360 and find that my hand creams absorb much better and my hands stay moisturized longer.
This is what I  adore most about the Microderm360. It works and makes every other skincare product, work better too! Its not like a chemical peel, where I bathe my skin in harsh chemicals. Its completely natural and stimulates skin to produce its own collagen and improve blood circulation.

Lastly, I can not emphasize how important it is to protect your skin at all times. Use a sun screen! The new exfoliated skin can get damaged by the harmful rays of sun! So make sure you use sun screen, even if its winter time and we get to see less sun!

You can purchase this from and currently they have a free shipping for all orders, if you purchase via Facebook Shop. Amazing isn't it!

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