October 31, 2014

Chella Eyebrow Color Kit in Elegant Ebony Review and Swatches

I normally don't mention how I tame my eyebrows, as I do have a full set of them and they don't need too much maintenance. I just use my Tweezerman brow gel on them and they stay fine for most of the time. 
I do like to color them a bit lighter with brown eyebrow pencil, only when I am going for a full-on smokey-dramatic kinda eye look. The Chella Eyebrow Pencil included in this set has fibres, somewhat similar to a lengthening mascara, and I was absolutely amazed to see how it imitates brow hair to give the most natural looking finish. The shade I am reviewing is definitely not the right one for me, however, the quality of this product is outstanding.

Chella Eyebrow Color Kit ($60) is a complete system to maintain brows to perfection. This set includes, not just a brow gel and brow pencil, but also a highlighter, a sharpener and brow shaping guide. That is, what intrigued me to try it out and see how all the products and especially the highlight pencil works for my arches! :)
The shade Elegant Ebony is the darkest shade in the spectrum and its way too dark for my complexion. Although, I have naturally black eyebrows, I never fill them with a black pencil, because that looks too unnatural on me.
Nonetheless, the quality of this set is so amazing that I wanted to share it with you all.

This is what is included in the set:
1. Brow Color Pencil
2. Brow Defining Gel
3. Highlighter Pencil
4. Dual Sharpener
5. Brow Shaping Guide



This is a clear brow gel and it is pretty good at holding the brow in place. The spooly is also a good size for the brow, as its not too big.

This is a really soft and creamy matte highlight pencil. I do see this shade  working well for deep skin tones to give a natural looking lift to the eyebrow. I could not use it at all, since its way too dark on my medium skintone.

This is an amazing eyebrow pencil. I love how it mimics the hair texture, thanks to the fibre like finish. In the swatch below, you can clearly see that it is not like a creamy, eyeliner kinda brow pencil. I think the texture is amazing and even though its black, its not totally opaque on the first stroke. Its quite buildable and that allows for shaping/filling in the eyebrows without looking too unnatural.

Top: Chella Eyebrow Pencil in Elegant Ebony
Bottom: Highlighter Pencil in Cinnamon

You can purchase Chella Eyebrow Color Kit form London Drugs. Its available in six shades, namely, Beautiful Blonde, Awesome Auburn, Tantalizing Taupe, Dazzling Dark Brown, Luscious Light Brown and Elegant Ebony.
I think the shade Dark Brown or Light Brown would be more appropriate for me and I can't wait to get my hands on a lighter shade for myself.

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  1. Been dying to try the Chella Eyebrow Color Kit but for some reasons, every time i go out, i tend to forget to pick one up :( I love their eye liner that i got on my ipsy glam bag from forever ago so i wanted to try something different, and i am definitely lacking on the brow department!

    <3, Dyan