April 5, 2014

dr. brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner - Review and Swatches!

Ok. Lets face this. My full coverage foundation often sinks in my pores making them appear larger than they actually are. No matter how strange that would sound, from someone with dry skin, its true that I hate to see bigger pores after doing my foundation. I often use pressed powder or pore minimizing primer to prevent that, so I was excited to try this new product from dr. brandt. Although, there are a ton of pore minimizing products in the market; there are few which offer skincare benefits as such regulating sebum production. This product is formulated with flax seed extract and tea tree oil to minimize pores and is part of the pores no more skincare line. Today, I will be sharing swatches and my experience with dr. brandt pores no more pore refiner. 

There are a ton of cones in this. No wonder it feels slippery, silky when applied.


It seems to have an orange tinge in it but it goes completely colorless when blended

Blended and absorbed completely in skin. Can you see how smooth my skin looks?

I like to use my primer on my T-zone and then I work it outwards, towards my cheeks - I apply this the same way. It immediately minimizes pores and stays put forever on me! Sometimes, I like to apply this over my foundation just to make sure that it will stop my pores from showing through. It has a natural finish on me and I noticed that its slightly mattifying too. I will be getting a lot more use out of this as the weather warms up and I would need to touch up more than often.
 It definitely makes skin feel smoother (thanks to the silicone) and honestly, the best feeling is when, I pull out my compact mirror to check for any touchups, AND my T-zone looks airbrushed and poreless!!...ahhh it feels awesome.
I think oily/combination skin people will enjoy this even more. I had no irritation or break outs from using this. It has a weird scent and a slippery feel but once its on, its the best thing ever.
Hope you found this review helpful. You can purchase this from London Drugs. Its for CA$ 55 and currently at a discount for CA$ 44. Isn't that amazing? Find out more about dr. brandt products here

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  1. I have been giving this one some seriouslo thought but your review really sold it to me :p lovely photos :) do post photos of you wearing it.