March 20, 2014

Miracle 10 Skincare Routine

For the past 4 weeks or so I have ONLY been using Miracle 10's skincare products. I  received four weeks supply of products in their Deluxe Travel Collection and a Miracle 10 mask. My skin feels and looks so good, that I have received numerous compliments, on my skin alone, during this period! Today I will share my detailed experience with you all. If you want flawless skin, please keep reading!

So many times, we are duped by claims of flawlessness, moisturizing, skin renewal and so on. I was kind of skeptical to see the 10 hours, 10 day and 10 weeks claim by Miracle 10 as most skincare products do take longer than 10 hours to begin showing their results.
This Travel Collection contains a simple skincare routine beginning with a cleanser, toner and face creams for day time and night time:

  1. Cleanser - First step is to wash face with this cleanser
  2. Toner - Apply the toner with a cotton pad 
  3. Light Serum - For the day, apply this cream
  4. AHA Cream - For night apply AHA cream 
  5. Night Cream - Follow AHA cream with this night cream
  6. Miracle 10 Mask - Use this mask twice a week.
I also used my sunscreen and lip balm in addition to these products for a period of 4 weeks. 

It comes with instructions and ingredients at the back of the pack

Day 1:
I used this the first time at night. Washed my face with the cleanser and followed with toner, AHA cream and night cream and slept. Woke up to energized skin. I really did feel instant results. Even my dark circles looked better that morning.

Day 3:
I noticed that my skin felt drier than usual. It could be the weather too. So I ordered a Miracle 10 moisturizer that I received in the second week of using this collection.

Week 1:
The first week was full of awe and surprises as my skin felt better every day. It looked and felt more energized. I even got rid of the acne mark on my cheek. The Miracle 10 mask felt like a peel treatment. It made my skin feel really smooth and shiny!

Week 2:
It was that time of the month when I break out on my jaw line. I got 2 pimples and of a much smaller size than usual. Both of them cleared during this week but left a shadow.

Week 3:
Skin felt so much more moisturized and no dry patches any where. No acne and fewer marks. My complexion looked more even toned. I had been using the Moisturizer for the day time along with the Light Serum. I wore a SPF 60 during the day time. I have much less white heads on the chin and almost no blackheads. These products clean pores really well.
Since, I had been waking up really early and sleeping a bit late, due to the day light saving and my prayer schedule, my dark circles were back.

Week 4:
I finished the toner. The rest of the products are almost finished except the Mask. My skin this week showed fewer signs of improvement. I felt that it looked the same as the third week. So happy my skin does not feel dry despite the weather. The fine lines around my eyes looked the same way but my laughing lines have improved significantly during this period. I also noticed my skin looked brighter and clearer.

Miracle 10 moisturizer
After about 2 weeks, I added the Miracle moisture to my routine, as my skin felt dry by mid-day. However, very soon after I received it, I did not feel the need to use an additional moisturizer, because my skin already felt hydrated. I still used it along with the Light serum for the final two weeks. Its a light weight facial moisturizer that kept skin feeling hydrated.

This green mask with green exfoliating beads tingles as I apply. I leave it on for up to 15 minutes. It stays moist till that time. I rinse with a wash cloth and follow with toner and other treatments.
This mask is loaded with vitamins and prevents moisture loss and break outs. It gently exfoliates, resulting in instantly brighter looking skin. I am so in love with this mask because it works wonders for me. My skin never looked this fresh and satiny smooth.

Overall, I love this paraben free, fragrance free, skincare routine. It cleanses, moisturizes, reduces the look of tiredness and all of this automatically makes my skin look fresher and younger. It also helped me maintain a healthy complexion and keep my acne away and also made acne marks less visible. It helped me make my laugh lines less noticeable and reduced whiteheads and blackheads. All of this happened in 4 weeks with the travel sized products!! Love the Miracle 10 mask! I would recommend these.
If you are interested in purchasing Miracle 10 products, then the Deluxe Travel Collection is a good way to start. Here's a link: You can find out more about the Miracle 10 Mask here:

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