January 14, 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie Review and Photos

When I used this the first time I was like "O.M.G."!!! Its soo amazing!!!! It  feels like whipped butter with lots of fresh citrus and amazing moisturizing capabilities. Its also free from all the harmful stuff and I feel totally safe using this any where on my skin. You know how dry my skin is and during winters I often develop eczema on hands and back. Whenever my skin is slightly rashed I would avoid using any body butter on my skin and would only use my eczema cream. However, this one time I accidentally used this after bath and I was like "that didnt irritate my skin the way those other body butters do!!"
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Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie (CAD$ 9.99 for 200ml)
Cocoon your skin in a soft towel of luxury that’s packed with potent antioxidants. Intense zesty aromas and pressed Buriti Fruit from the marshes of Brazil plus Mangosteen & silky CupuaƧu Butter penetrate deep, helping improve skin elasticity. Intensely moisturises & enhances skins natural beauty! 
We use a completely Unique Liquid Crystal System derived from Olive Oil, which is responsible for the easy skin penetration, with a soft, silky smooth after feel. This system works more effectively than traditional body butters to lower the trans-epidermal water loss thereby providing retention of skin moisture and leaving the skin super hydrated.

This body smoothie is packed with natural antioxidants from super fruits like mangosteen, buriti fruit and cupuacu. It has a unique blend of olive oil that helps penetrate better in skin. It is suitable for all skin types except oily skin. Its made with high quality ingredients and is completely vegan and cruelty free.

I must say that The Body Shop body butters did irritate my skin during the eczema days or even when I have a minor cut, they would burn my skin. They probably have a lot of fragrances that did not suit me. Although I liked all the delicious fragrances in body butters, I always wanted something that would be soothing and contained non irritating ingredients. I am totally amazed by this. It has helped me so much, I can never say enough.

Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie has a strong citrus scent that stays for some time. I initially found it to be too over powering but I got used to it. The texture is very silky, 'whipped butter' kind and glides on very smoothly on skin. Its never feels greasy and is easily absorbed. I use this right after bath and my skin feels moisturized all day long.

I am so hooked to this, I can't wait to try the other flavors. This is so far the best body butter I have used. Take my advice and use this for your skin. I would definitely be repurchasing this and I will recommend this to everyone.

You can purchase this using this link:  http://www.farleyco.ca/Products/Montagne-Jeunesse-Buriti-Fruit-Smoothie-Body-Creme-083800032587.html 

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