January 31, 2014

Essensity Color & Moisture Intense Mask and Spray Conditioner - Review and Photos

Since my hair is generally, not feeling so great these days, I wanted to venture out in to new hair care products and the new Essensity is one of them. It is a professional, salon quality product and I think its only available through salons.
Anyways, so lets begin with pics and then I will move on to my review which also includes insights from my friend who used it. So this post is special because it has experiences from two beauty critiques!! ^_^



This is a very thick mask and has weird scent. It claims to be free from artificial fragrances, parabens and other harmful chemicals so I think its okay if it does not smell so great. I remember, my Nutriganics facewash and night cream had the same scent, so its may be the plant based fragrance, but thankfully its not very strong, nor does it stay in hair for long. I think its gone after a blow dry.

Anyways, so talking about how to use it. This is supposed to be applied to towel dried hair after shampoo and left on for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinsed off completely. I found this process to be too much work, while in the shower. I love putting on hair masks but the idea of towel drying hair and then applying this mask, sitting for up to 10 minutes, rinsing it off, and then taking a shower was just too much for me. I wish the step where I needed to towel dry hair before applying this was not there.Yea, yea I m lazy!!

And just for the record, I have hair up to my waist, so you can imagine how much hard work that was :P

The results were good. I liked that it moisturized my hair without weighing it down, but I did not find it to add any gloss or extra smoothness to my locks. So I asked my friend who frequently colors her hair to share how she feels about this and even she told me that 'this is a good treatment but its not great.. its better than conditioner but not as awesome as other hair masks"
I just feel like overtime it may show results by protecting hair from damage since its free from chemicals but no great surprises with this one.


This is a great leave in conditioner in my opinion and I felt like, it did help in keeping my hair tangle free. This too is supposed to be applied to towel dried hair. I lightly mist this from the middle section to tips of my hair and I felt this is a good chemical free option for my dry hair. It doesn't weigh my hair down, nor does it make it feel sticky, like other leave in conditioners. Again, its not over the top amazing but its definitely a keeper.
My friend with colored hair, felt that this spray conditioner did not do much for her hair. It did not weigh her hair down with moisture but it wasn't something she was too happy to have in her life.

Overall, I feel the new Essensity Color & Moisture Intense Mask and Spray Conditioner are good chemical free option for dry hair. They contain marula oil, organic aloe and green tea to protect colored hair form damage. These products did not amaze me but I feel they have something to look forward too. I like the fact that Essensity offers products close to nature and are free from mineral oils, sulphates, ammonia, parabens, silicons and artificial fragrances and has the potential to help protect hair from further damage. 
To find where you can purchase these from visit http://www.salonfinder.ca/


  1. You can try Loreal Serie Expert Liss Ultime Smoothing Masque, I have used it and love it <3