December 17, 2013

Winter Fashion Haul - Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Old Navy - Lots of Photos!!

Hey guys,

Here's a quick post on what I got for winter this time. I actually bought a few more stuff but since I couldn't find them close by (read on my bed :P:P), they are missing from this post. Anyways, lets start!!!

1. Calvin Klein Houndstooth Funnel neck Coat ($295 from The Bay)

This print is big this winter! In fact almost every iconic print is in trend - whether its leopard, chevron, Moroccan, whatever it is. Its all about prints. I really like houndtooth because, I can accessorize it whatever way I like and it just looks soo classy! I picked a black and white coat as this is a timeless piece and will last me decades! Like, honestly! Other than that houndstooth was all over the runways this winter, and in colors like rust, reds, navy, you name it.

2. Dresses from Old Navy 

On Black Friday, Old Navy had a 50% off on everything so I picked these up from there current collection. I shopped for these online and also bought a pair of black skinnies to go with them. I  wanted something casual, that I can also use as a layering piece. These dresses can transition well to the next season. Overall, the quality is on the good side of the spectrum and my previous experience with Old Navy dresses actually led me to buy these. The quality is good enough to justify the price. It lasts a fairly good time and no. of washes and the best part is that they are low maintenance. Once they start wearing out, I can just throw them off and get something new and trendy. So, for me, this works. Here are the three dresses I picked up:

Cable Knit Sweater Dress ($44.94 at

My pics have done no justice to how it looks. Its a really nice black dress that can go with almost anything, scarves, boots, sandals, pumps, long necklace, short necklace...I mean, I can't go wrong with this. Since, its a sweater dress, its slightly loose on the waist but fits well on the arms. Its also nicely flared, which I really like. I think flared stuff looks flattering on my shape.

Its truly a black dress but looks different in my camera. Also its not asymmetric as shown below. I think I badly need a good camera!

Red 3/4 Sleeve Boho Dress ($32.94 at

I fell in love with this one, when I saw it in store and had actually planned to get it on Black Friday. Its not really a winter dress. I would like to wear this in spring next year. Love the thread work on shoulders and sleeves. Its also available in black with white thread work. I may pick that too, as these dresses are still on sale!! yeayy

Navy and Grey stripped dress with button detail on sleeves

I can't seem to find this on the website, so I don't know how much its for. Just for the record I got all three dresses for $50!! only!! Here are the pics. This one is more form fitting and a really good piece to wear under the jacket.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Winter Scarf ($40)

This is my favorite scarf these days. Its so soft and cushiony. Its like wearing a blankie around my neck. Totally love it. I got it when there was a 40% off on accessories at Tommy. I love the orchid/bright fuchsia shade. It looks amazing with the CK coat. I love it!!

Hope you enjoyed it!!
I loved posting about these. Can't believe this is my first fashion haul post and is totally clothing. Shall share more posts on whatever I buy.

Thanks for reading!! :)

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