December 11, 2013

Marcelle Kajal Kohl Eyeliner in Blackest Black - Review and Swatch

Since I am of an East Indian origin, I love kajal eyeliners and any East Indian girl could relate with me. I don't even remember since when have I been using kajals?..may be it was since birth (not sure though :P). There is also a tradition of making homemade kajals (with all the good ingredients) for young girls in my household. Although it has been discontinued by the "modern" mommys - the love for kajal is still quite prevalent. There are days, when the only makeup I wear is kajal on the rims of my eyes. Hope I have clearly indicated my love/obsession with kohl eye liners and kajals. Marcelle's Kajal Kohl Eyeliner in Blackest Black reminded me of the kajal I used in my home country from a herbalist. Its really that intensely black! I love matte black kajals and I am so happy to share this affordable kajal with you all.


As you can see from the swach above, it is an intense matte black kajal which truly lives to the name - Blackest Black. It says on the website, that it contains antioxidants, is water proof and  is proven to last at least 6 hours. For me it lasts the whole day. I do notice some smudging if I line the lower rim of my eyes.. and it is kinda acceptable because if I wear any kajal for the whole day, it does tend to smudge (i.e. if it really is kajal!) So overall, I do not have any issues with the application or the lasting power. Its totally a fool proof amazing product and its only $11.95!

The only issues I have are that it is so small!! The pencil is just about the size of my palm so it finishes pretty fast for me. Fortunately, I have a chubby stick sharpener, so it fits right in, otherwise, you would have to especially purchase a sharpener for this eyeliner. Marcelle does sell the sharpener for this for about $3, I suppose. Other than that, its fantastic. I never had any reaction using this. I would say, if you are looking for a kajal, or are generally a kajal lover, go for this one!!

Hope you enjoyed finding about this product. Keep me posted about your thoughts!!


  1. Wow.. the kajal is really dark! So far I haven't liked any of the kajals I have used..will try to find this one! :)
    Loads of love

  2. pricey.great review .Love the swatch