November 29, 2013

Montagne Juenesse Tired Leg Gel Review

Just in case, you went shopping today and had to stand in long waiting queues, I have got a little something to ease you. Its a Tired Leg Gel from Montagne Juenesse.
For the rest of the world, today was Black Friday in the US and Canada and a lot of stores had unbeatable deals. So, if you are home searching for sometime to soothe those tired legs, this review might help you.

Montagne Juenesse Tired Leg Gel is totally vegan, gluten and dairy free and is also free from any parabens. That alone makes it a much desired product for me.
The formula is gel based and is much like those pain relieving ointments but much lighter and more easily absorbing and not to forget, with a million times better fragrance.

It comes in Cherry and Horse Chestnut flavor and is a relatively new product, considering it was launched a few months back, I suppose. 

How to use:
Just apply all over your legs, massage and leave on.  A little goes a long way and also, its very fast absorbing, so you dont want to waste any product unnecessarily. It just quickly vanishes into skin and you wouldn't even know if u applied any thing.

Skin is left feeling just as it was - non greasy and without any residues. The only thing that puts me off sometimes is that the fragrance lingers around for long.

Does it relieve and uplift tired legs or help in lightening the load in any way? Yes! It does help in some way but not the way a pain reliever would. There is no magic but I feel the slight tingling sensation it leaves behind and the massaging on legs does help soothe legs. I follow this up after soaking my legs in warm soapy water, usually over the weekend. 

Overall, this product does make my legs feel better than they were and whether or not it relieves and uplifts, it definitely does make me feel good. And sometimes, feeling good is all that matters :)

Hope you enjoyed this review. Do share if you are looking for something to soothe your legs..

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