November 12, 2013

MAC Strobe Cream Review and Swatches


So just when I decide to blog more, my little guy does something so adorable..I can't take my eyes off him!!! hehehehe Yea seriously. But then, there are some products that are absolutely stunning and they work so well, its hard not to share about it. So today, I have MAC Strobe Cream! Its essentially a skincare product, described as a moisturizer packed with antioxidants. It is also used as an illuminator and even a highlighter. Lets move on to the photos first, then swatches and my experience so far...



Basically, the strobe cream is a quick fix moisturizer; formulated to de-stress and freshen up dull or tired skin. Its packed with vitamins, antioxidants and green tea to help us put our best face forward. If you notice from the swatches, its has a iridescent hue to it which gives its a pearly shine, but it does not appear as iridescent on skin.
Once applied on skin, it gets quickly absorbed. I am fine with the texture, although a lot of people find it to be thick - it works fine for my normal-dry skin. Just a heads up, there is a Strobe Liquid that supposedly has a lighter texture than this one.
MAC Strobe cream, feels oil free on skin. I can even do foundation over it, without worrying about it get too oily or too shiny. Talking about shine, it gives skin such a luminous glow, its hard not to get hooked on to this. However, its not over the top. If i mix it with my foundation, like most people do, I just feel like it makes my face look shiny, overall, and I do not need a separate highlighter. However, I personally enjoy usually a highlighter separately, so I do not mix it with my foundation. Some also use it as a highlighter but again, I personally don't do that. It may work for you, so you guys should try it out yourself.

I just love the Strobe cream as is! I use it every day as a moisturizer and I get it in the travel size, which is 30ml for C$ 12. I just feel its better value than the full size which is 50ml for C$40.

Overall, I would say, its a great product to fake a fresh face and with all the vitamins and antioxidants, I would like to believe that it will do good to my skin. So I looooveee it.

UPDATE: It helped me overcome my breakouts!! I am soo happy!

Have you tried the MAC Strobe cream? Do share how you feel about it :)


  1. Hey ruqaiya from where can i get this?

    1. I got it from the MAC Store, here in Calgary. Not sure about Pakistan though. Sorry

    2. In pakistan, you can get it from the facebook online store 'MAC Addict'.

  2. great moisturizer I must say.into my wishlist it goes then.Thanks for sharing

  3. Great review! I want to try this now. :)

  4. Im in LOVEEE with the strobe creammm! <3