April 27, 2013

New Dial Triple Moisture Body Wash - Review

Three body butters in one body wash! Sounds great, hey? The new Dial Triple Moisture contain Shea, Jojoba and Mango butter and promises 3x more moisturizers! Looking at the packaging, I wasn't too impressed but has it made to my my "Love It" list? Lets find out... *_*

This body wash is definitely a keeper. Its lathers well with a nice fragrance. Described as a creamy blend of jojoba, shea and mango butters for three times the moisture - it certainly does a great job at cleansing and moisturizing skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. Three butters definitely seem better one to satisfy my moisture craving skin.
Its not overly creamy nor does it leave any creamy residue on skin after a shower, but it does hydrate my skin to an extent that I can manage without a body lotion for up to 3 hours. Of course, it does not make body lotion unnecessary but definitely reduces the need to reapply lotion.

Overall, I really enjoy this. Its readily available in leading stores for $4.99 - 6.99 for this 473ml bottle. Oh did you know, over 50,000 consumers in the U.S. voted Dial Triple Moisture as the top body wash?! I would have voted it to be the best available in mass retailers like Walmart and Shoppers.
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