June 8, 2012

Bliv Stem Cell Revival Feel No Sluggish Japan Silk Mask Review

B.liv recently launched their Japan silk masks in their mask-day-range. The idea is to use a mask every night in place of a night time moisturizer, that will not only solve your skin problems, but will also keep your skin hydrated and nourished all night long. So, every morning your skin will thank you for taking care of it at night time. I actually loved the idea because, I strongly feel night-time skin care routine should be short yet effective.
B.liv currently has a good range of Japan silk masks that cater to skin problems such as dehydration, age prevention, premature ageing, skin repair, brightening and skin nourishment. Today, I will share with you B.liv’s Feel No Sluggish Mask which is a power punch of antioxidants that helps in preventing signs of aging! Ideal for those in their twenties

This rejuvenating mask drowns your face in antioxidants and cell-revitalizing nutrients that pave the way for a younger and more vibrant looking skin! Feel No Sluggish invigorates your skin with its fruity essences and jazzes up that dull face while leaving you looking oh-so-gorgeous and absolutely radiant once again! Every day is a new day to feel no sluggish!

For all skin types, 20 years old and above.
• Encourage the regeneration of skin tissue to ensure skin looks healthy and young.
• Hydrates and nourishes the skin.
• Delays multiple signs of aging.
• Provides antioxidant protection to prevent skin from free-radical damages and signs of pre-mature aging.

Notice how moist it is!!


This is the first time, I have come across a mask that can substitute a night time moisturizer and works like magic on skin. Its made with apple stem cells and antioxidants which are so effective in giving my skin the right level of moisture and care, that every morning, I wake up with a fresh face! I even noticed it decreased my dark circles to some extent and also lightened acne marks on my skin. (I actually had just one over my eyebrow..)

Using these is pretty simple. Just cleanse your face at night time and apply the mask on face and lie down for 20-30 minutes. This mask wont dry up so even after 30 minutes you feel the moisture on your face. Just remove the mask and discard. You face will still feel very moist but all that excess moisture gets absorbed in about 10 minutes. Then go to sleep. I have even skipped my eye cream from my night time regime, because I don’t feel the need to apply anything else. I just follow up with a lip balm and sleep.
The next morning is a refreshing, dewy, completely hydrated face which I love looking at!!

When I started using these, I felt the mask had too much of serum/moisture. It would drip off every time, I would open up a pack. But I got used to it. The extra serum helps in keeping the mask moist, so every time I use it, it transfers the right amount of product on my face.

Skin feels extremely clean, moisturized, tightened and definitely younger. By younger, I actually mean less tired looking, because at the age of 26, my skin is still pretty young looking *_* hahaha!!
I just appear a bit tired sometimes because I get too worked up with my busy life! Yes! A picky toddler, work, chores and blog can make anyone feel exhausted at day end! And Feel No Sluggish masks actually makes me feel no sluggish at all!! A bright morning face makes me feel so happy about myself. It really boosts up self esteem. I absolutely love these masks and I have used it for a month now. Although, I did not use them daily, but at least 5 times in a week, and my skin literally feels fresh, more radiant and younger. The results last about two weeks on me. This age prevention mask is highly recommended by me. You have got to try this out for yourself. If you want to prevent the signs of aging and say good bye to tired looking skin, you must try this!

Stem Cell Revival Original Japan Silk Masks – Feel No Sluggish is available in sets of 10 masks for $25 from B.liv’s website, which you  may access here: http://www.cellnique.com/bliv/b-liv-skin-care/mask-a-day/feel-no-sluggish.html

They offer free worldwide shipping and also free samples with your purchase! So hurry up and grab some for yourself!

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