January 5, 2018

NEOSTRATA Acne Clear, Glycolic Renewal Body Smoothing Lotion and Smoothing Cream Review

This year started with a bunch of new skincare products in my routine and today I am sharing my day cream, acne treatment and a glycolic body lotion that have helped me achieve beautifully smooth skin. My skin is used to AHA products, but I've never used a body lotion that contains 10% glycolic acid and I seriously regret not giving the same attention to the rest of my body as my face. Winters are brutal on my skin and with these treatments, my skin looks smoother, shinier, and I have less things to worry about. The most remarkable difference is the pores! My pores look diminished and my complexion looks brighter. I am also using a wonderful sleep mask from La Prairie that is working well for the night and these are the products I am using on my skin for the day. I like to use acne treatment at night time, but it can be used day or night. 
So here is my daily skincare routine (well, sort of..wait for my mask, toner and beauty tools review - coming soon).
NEOSTRATA Acne Clear, Glycolic Renewal Body Smoothing Lotion and Smoothing Cream Review

NEOSTRATA Acne Clear, Glycolic Renewal Body Smoothing Lotion and Smoothing Cream Review

NeoStrata Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Cream - 5% Glycolic Acid
This daily moisturizing cream is formulated with 5% glycolic acid and I use this as my day cream. It is very quick absorbing and one pump is enough for my face and a second one for my neck. It is hydrating and smoothing, which is what I desperately need at this time of the year.  
This Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Cream is suitable for sensitive skin and it is working to lighten the dark spots on my face. I haven't used a glycolic peel ever since I started using this, because too much of it could irritate my skin, so only one AHA product is good at a time. It gently exfoliates and tightens pores and my dry/sensitive skin loves this treatment. The  delicate scent makes it feel luxurious and I always use a sun screen during the day to protect my rejuvenated skin.

NeoStrata Acne Clear
I feel as if I got to try this product at just the right moment. I was breaking out like a teenager and I didn't know what went wrong but I am so thankful, I got to use this incredible product at the right time. I truly dread a prescription med for acne, because it had left me with super dry skin and two tiny scars on my cheeks, so I would do anything to avoid that.
NeoStrata Acne Clear dried out my pimples overnight and the bigger, deeper, painful ones took a good 2 weeks before they became dark spot that could easily hide under a concealer. I am thankfully free from active acne!! Hooray! And now I have to deal with dark spots, which hopefully the Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Cream would take care of over time. I am in no rush as along as there aren't any painful bumps on my face.
Let talk about the active ingredients that work to clear out pimples. It contains 2% salicylic acid (which is common for most acne treatments), 0.4% Allantoin and 3.0% Cytobiol™ Iris A². All of these ingredients work beautifully to clear out acne on my skin. I have been using this for two weeks and so far I only have great things to say. It works fast and it does not irritate my skin or cause dryness. 
My skin still looks smooth but there are brown spots where the acne was, at least there aren't any craters! It also helps in absorbing excess oil, and minimizes dilated pores. I will continue using this during the winter season, because I do not want to take any risk with my skin. If you have acne prone skin, then its always recommended to include a acne treatment to your skincare routine that will provide protection from breakouts. 
I like to use this at night after cleansing, even though it is a clear gel that absorbs in skin within minutes and skin feels dry to touch, so I could easily carry on with my regimen or do my makeup, but I just prefer using it once at night. You can use this twice daily by dabbing a little on affected area.

NeoStrata Glycolic Renewal Body Smoothing Lotion - 10% Glycolic Acid
This is what I was clearly missing out on. I never used AHA products on my body, because I always wanted thick body butters all over me right after every shower and body butters are amazing but this body lotion is on another level. 
It exfoliates skin, making it smooth and soft to touch and there have been much less in grown hair and tiny bumps since I started using this. It tingles a little when I apply it, but I am quickly getting used to it. 10% glycolic acid is no joke and if you are not comfortable, then you may like to use it only on targeted areas. My knees and elbows always darken during this season because they don't get much attention as I am always bundled up in layers. I am noticing considerably less darkening and much less dryness on my legs and everywhere else. Its definitely something I would never stop using and that also means becoming a bit more vigilant about using a sunscreen all over my body, especially when its exposed to the elements. Glycolic acids can make skin more sensitive to the sun, so please always use a sun screen, irrespective of the season. 

NEOSTRATA Acne Clear, Glycolic Renewal Body Smoothing Lotion and Smoothing Cream Review

As you can see from the swatches below, that each of these products are light in texture and this is the amount I need to use on my face, except the Glycolic Body Smoothing Lotion, which I, of course use liberally. I love that a little bit of these products goes a long way and I do not need to layer on product for it to work. 
They feel light and non oily and easily work with any other product that goes on top. I do my foundation right on top of Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Cream for face and I have absolutely no concerns. I have stopped using my primer until my skin has completely recovered, because all the silicones in primer can totally create a fuss on my face, so I am avoiding that for now, and I don't think I am missing out on much.

NEOSTRATA Acne Clear, Glycolic Renewal Body Smoothing Lotion and Smoothing Cream Review

I love using sheer foundations and I realize that my skin needs to look its best for that to work, otherwise, a lighter coverage foundation would only emphasize uneven skin and dark spots. I am thankful that these products are helping me overcome my skin issues. 
I am in awe of how fast and effectively the Acne Treatment worked for me and Glycolic Renewal products are helping me achieve soft, radiant skin.  I love acid peels and having a daily moisturizer and body lotion with a good percentage of glycolic acid is amazing and my winter skin does not look bad at all - its exfoliated, smoother, brighter and without any dry patches or breakouts. I absolutely loved these products from NeoStrata and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their skin at home. 

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