April 1, 2014

Epic Blend Premium Lip Balm Collection - Review and Photos

Today, I have an assortment of premium lip balms from Epic Blend to share with you all. I don't even need to say why I need them! You know how dry my skin is and so are my lips. I do exfoliate them regularly but they are still dry and these lip balms are so amazing. They keep lips moisturized all day long. 
They are available in three broad categories:  Hemp, Vegan and More Moisture.This super pack contains 10 lip balms and each one of them smells sooo good! Lets find out more...




These all natural and gluten free lip balms offer such a variety of new flavors. I like all of them, but I find the Hemp-Vanilla and Hemp-Coconut to be irresistible!!!  I like to use them at night so I wake up with super soft and hydrated lips. These are clear lip balms and they all seem to have the same texture, whether its vegan, hemp or more moisture. They don't feel heavy on lips nor are they oily. 
I love them and this super pack is gonna last me a long time. 
Epic Blend Lip Balm are $3.49 per lip balm and $12.00 for a four pack of lip balms. The product is available at www.epicblend.com and at various retailers across Canada.