October 6, 2021

Sephora Birthday Gift 2021 Review - Laneige

Its that time of the year when I splurge on things I don't need and promise to use them throughout the year, such as my gym membership :P I am usually quite excited about my birthday because I know that I would be doing something fabulous but this year despite planning on a trip to Baja California, I had to cancel it because my children are still unvaccinated and no matter how long the trip, children can't be in school for 2 weeks after returning from international travel. Blah! There is no better way to ruin a vacation than to sit at home with your children and answer the constant questions about why they are so bored and what do we do at home. 
Anyways, that was quite a sad intro to a birthday post, but that's how I was feeling when I took a trip to my local mall yesterday and realized I can pick my Birthday Gift from Sephora. The little pleasures of life eh?
More on this 2021 Sephora Birthday Gift in today's post.
So the store only had this set available and since I am happy with my current Guerlain Abeille Royale Routine, I didn't want to try on new skincare, so I checked if there was better options online, but sadly there was this Laneige Set or the Nars Laguna Set available online. 
I already have NARS Laguna powder which I haven't touched in 6 months and I really don't need a NARS lip balm because I love my Burt's Bees. So then, it was this Laneige Set that I got complimentary from Sephora for being a Beauty Insider. 
I know Laneige is amazing but the mini jars of skincare reminds me of the fact that I can't travel because that's when I use all my minis!

I love lip balms especially those formulated with natural ingredients but with this Laneige lip sleeping mask I am not sure what exactly I am putting on my lips? The "Moisture Wrap™ Technology" and the "Berry Mix Complex™" means nothing to me. May be because the ingredients are just a bunch of chemical names which leave to me think why are there no natural ingredients in there.
In my books if the first 5 ingredients of a product are known to me then I consider a product to be worthy of consumption. In this case the first five ingredients are : Diisostearyl Malate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Phytosteryl / Isostearyl / Cetyl / Stearyl / Behenyl Dimer Dilinoleate, Hydrogenated Poly(C6-14 Olefin), Polybutene..  like seriously?!
Give me something organic, some beeswax, some olive oil, or even petroleum jelly would do, but what are those ingredients that make up most of this lip product? And it will eventually end up in my digestive tract!
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask  retails for $26 for 20gm jar which means that this tiny pot retails for approx. $4 

I absolutely love the scent of this sleeping mask. It's totally something I could go to bed in and literally fall asleep faster. The scent reminds of of something I have used in the past but I can't recall. I like that this mask is supposed to be only used once or twice a week. Since it is a face mask, I totally get that it gives an instant boost to skin's hydration levels overnight and must be used as needed.
It contains hyaluronic acid as its 7th ingredient, which must be enough to show its results on my skin. If I love this by the time I finish this tiny 15ml jar, I would totally repurchase this. 
Full size Water Sleeping Mask retails for $33 for 70ml so this jar should cost about $7.

I have a thing for moisturizers that have the word 'Water' in them; maybe because my persistent dry skin screams water all the time. I have absolutely loved Belif's products because they had.. you guessed it 'water' in it. So while it may be the cheapest ingredient in a skincare, its what I am attracted to. 
Anyways, so the Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream has a beautiful spa like scent which I love!! Its a great moisturizer, which can be used everyday and it promises to hydrate and strengthen skin. I think I would love this product as well. 
The full size of this retails for $50 for 50ml, so this 20ml jar costs $20! WOW


2021 Birthday Gift Options  - Image taken from Sephora.ca

1. NARS Laguna set: 
This is the most popular set featuring a mini Laguna powder and mini Afterglow lip balm in the same shade. I was least excited about this because I already own a mini Laguna which I use for travel and haven't used in quite a while and I really don't care for the mini lip balm because I don't like my lips to look bronzed.

2. LANEIGE set:
This is the set I picked because its what was available in store. I do like this overall because turns out, it costs a little over $30 which I got for free.. so thank you Sephora. I think the skincare products are decent and should last me good enough uses to decide if I need full sized products.

This set was out of stock online and in store. I love moroccanoil and I use it daily so I am not sure if I would have picked it, because I already have all those products in this set. It offers 20 ml of Hydrating Styling Cream, 15 ml of Moroccanoil Treatment and 10 ml of Night Body Serum. I know that 15 ml of morocconoil lasts like a month or two for me, so I think it would have been a nice set to get.

OKAY! Now let's get to what I wanted and I actually still want to at least try it. It is a great set with a selection of 4 scents. The bottle is a 7ml Replica fragrance in Beach Walk and the rest of the 3 tester size 1.5ml sprays are Jazz Club, Bubble Bath and By The Fireplace
It might not seem like the best value compared to the other three sets, but since its a fragrance, it can easily get consumed, without me wondering how to apply it or incorporate the mini stuff in my routine. I hope you get what I mean.

Replica Set for Sephora Birthday Gift - Image from Sephora.ca

So, overall that's what I think about Sephora Birthday Gifts for 2021 and if you would like to see my previous reviews of Sephora Birthday gifts please click here. I hope you have enjoyed your picks as well and if you feel the same way or differently than I do, then please share in the comments below. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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