September 8, 2017

GIVENCHY Noir Interdit Mascara Review and Swatches

The epitome of luxury beauty! Givenchy slays with its packaging every, single time. This beautifully presented mascara is a delight to see on the vanity and on my lashes. It lifts and lengthens the lashes and its perfumed! Love the 90 degrees bendable brush, which has been a pro secret for long. I have bent the wand in the past and have loved the precise application so I am very excited to see this feature available in this truly luxurious and high quality mascara. 
For full review and lots of swatches, keep reading...

All of these swatches have 2 coats of mascara and applied without a primer or lash curler. The lash separation and lengthening effect is incredible!

Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara is designed to achieve endlessly long lashes and made to measure volume and it lives up to that promise. As you can see above, my lashes look much longer, nicely curled upwards with a decent volume. I usually do not apply more than 2 coats of any mascara because, honestly, I don't have the time and it makes me more conscious to check for clumped up lashes. So, that is how I tested it, but you can layer it on for more volume, if you desire. I love how two coats of Noir Interdit Mascara looks on me. Its a look I can wear all the time and since mascaras only last 2-3 months, I better use it everyday!
Noir Interdit Mascara features a very innovative and unique brush. I haven't come across anything like it before. The comb literally pushes up lashes and separates them wonderfully. The comb is stiff with plastic bristles, which holds on to the lashes tightly, as the upward stokes lengthens and lifts the lashes.
I mostly apply this by bending the brush at 90 degrees and it gives me the most length and fullness but you can use it without bending, if that is what you are comfortable with. However, bending the brush, then wiggling at the root of the lashes and pushing the brush vertically upwards, is a game changer.
The formula is a bit on the thicker side and dries pretty fast once applied. I love mascaras that are quick drying but it also makes layering them on, a bit challenging. Two coats is the max I would do with this formula.
As I mentioned above, this mascara is perfumed and when I applied this the first time, the fragrance was very strong and I could smell it all day long. But over time the scent has decreased significantly. Now its a light scent, reminiscent of a Givenchy perfume, I can't recall but it smells luxurious and I love it.
For me the Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara is more of a lengthening mascara with incredible lash extension effect. My lashes look fuller, longer and nicely separated. It holds up well throughout the day and stays on without flaking. Its a mascara I can wear every single day! It can be layered for more volume but who has time to keep layering, so I found this another product by Givenchy on Sephora's website, which is a volumizing primer. Its the perfect match for Noir Interdit Mascara because it addresses the only issue I have with it - more volume!  Its called the Base Mascara Perfecto. If you felt that you needed a little more volume to get a faux lash look after using the Noir Interdit Mascara, then this could be a good option. For now I am in love with my flirty, fluttery, longer lashes, thanks to this amazing mascara by Givenchy.

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