June 13, 2017

ERBORIAN Glow Crème Illuminating Face Cream Review and Swatches

I am not a fan of holographic effect on my face and I successfully stayed away from the "unicorn themed" everything trend. Its just not for me. However, I love highlighters and if used correctly they can make a huge difference on how you look and feel. Makeup for me is not 'transformation', its about feeling great, looking polished and still be authentic to myself.  That's how I feel about it and that is the very reason why I share so many amazing skincare products because a healthy skincare routine is all you need to look great day in and day out.
So when I got the Erborian Glow Creme in my mail I was a little hesitant to use it because it said 'holographic effect' on the packaging which (again) I am not a fan of. But, boy was I wrong?!
The effect on face was much subtle compared to the swatches in natural sunlight that it reminded me of Guerlain Meteorites! The best part is that it doubles as a face primer. I can't wait to share more with you about this really cool glow creme/highlighter, so keep reading.

Alright! So from the swatches you can see how purple it looks when applied, and it turns into a nice glow, when blended. It looks silvery on my arm but on my face its a lot more subtle, mainly because I do not apply this much product on my face. The packaging clearly says apply a thin layer to skin and that is what must be done to look human and to look radiant and beautiful.
It smells like a baby product and the scent is detectable so if you have allergies, this is something to consider. Its not overwhelming for me, so I actually like it. It reminds me of clean babies, swaddled in fresh linen blankets :D
What I love about this highlighting cream is that it works as a moisturizer and a primer. I love, love makeup with skincare benefits. Its a great multitasking product. The texture is smooth and non oily. It's light weight and quick absorbing and my skin never felt oily with this product. Bonus points for not breaking me out, as everything seems to irritate my dry skin these days.

It can also be worn on top of foundation as a highlighter by applying to the highest points on face. It blends nicely and give a nice subtle glow. If you like full on unicorn style highlight or the holographic effect, I would suggest using a little more product. It builds up nicely and its a great  alternative to my golden hued highlighters. I feel like the cooler tones makes my skin glow more under the sun than the warm golden glow. May be I am wrong because the weather in Calgary is so fickle. Its cloudy one minute, sunny the next followed by rain.

Overall, I like this product because it offers a lot more than I expected. Its a moisturizer, a primer and a highlighter and thats a lot at the price tag of just $49 for this 65ml tube. However, I think there are better products available out there and sometimes, I only want to use that one moisturizer that my skin loves, that one primer which keeps my makeup fresh and the highlighter I am obsessed with. So, for me I don't mind having to use 3 products instead of one. For me this is a great product of a 5 minute makeup look or when I am travelling or just at home. I wish it had SPF in it so I can could it everyday during summer. Its a good quality product and suitable for all skin types. If you are looking to try something new, then this a great option.

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