March 31, 2016

CHANEL Rouge Coco Stylo in 214 Message - Review and Swatches

My mind is literally everywhere as I write this blog. I have to finish up a couple of assignments, get back to working out and stop over thinking about my recent bout of acne. I am so upset, I can't even explain.  Just when my skin was looking good and my life seemed perfect, I got acne on both cheeks - exactly where my blush goes! Suspecting my blush to be the culprit, I sanitized it and the contour powder using rubbing alcohol (took advice from CBB member) and washed my brushes. Now I am going makeup free till all my acne clears out. 

So just to cheer myself up I applied this super hydrating  and lightweight lipstick from Chanel. It's a new lip product launched this month and the shade I am talking about is a bright red-pink color called Message 214. 
This shade is the brightest and most opaque shade from the line and even though I love this formula, there is no other shade I felt I could wear on my pigmented lips. There is a bright red-orange called Histoire 206, which could've be my second pick, but it seemed too bright for everyday use, so I passed. 
For swatches and review keep reading...

The shade Message 214 is a really pretty shade and is warm enough for my complexion. I would describe it as red-pink which is great for evenings and even day time, if I am not wearing anything else on my eyes, not even mascara! For me it's a statement lip but if you are a red lip girl, it's a different story, right?
The shade itself is quite dupeable but what makes it different is the formulation. It's  extremely hydrating and feels so lightweight, as if I applied coconut oil to my lips. It stays put for a decent amount of time without feathering or requiring a lip liner to set. I touch up throughout the day even with the brightest shade from this line. There are about 8 shades, but The Bay's Chanel counter had six of them at this point.
It leaves a light tint as it fades and my lips feel so good when I take it off. The formula seems to be like a lip balm but oilier, and softer so if I twist up the stylo a bit more than what is shown in the pictures above, I would squish it while applying. So, I only twist the stylo once and apply to lips because it melts as it touches my lips. I can't even imagine, what will happen to this in summer time.
In the swatches above I applied it to my lips straight from the stylo, however, it can be harder to apply for someone who is used to lipsticks. With a more opaque shade like this one, I had to use my fingers to lightly dab off excess/ distribute the product evenly on lips. I feel a formula like this is better with more nude, sheerer shades that are more forgiving if they are unevenly applied to lips.

Overall, I feel this is a hydrating lipstick which is great for anyone who suffers from dry lips, however, the shade range is disappointing for anyone with pigmented lips, with Message and Histoire being the only two shades with a fuller opacity. The formula is very soft so I felt I may be using more than what's needed. You only get 2g of product for C$45 which is not good! A Chanel lipstick is double the quantity for the same price.
Get it from The Bay  (C$45) or Neiman Marcus (US$37)

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