September 8, 2014

Trind Nail Balsam and Cuticle Balsam Review

Ever since I am back to Calgary, my hair and nails are so dry! I don't even know why since it's rainy and now snowing everywhere! Anyhow, I have trusted Trind Nail Balsam and I began using it more religiously but what came as a great surprise was the Cuticle Balsam. Both of these nail treatments are oil free and easily dries on nails and cuticle.

This is outrageously good at keeping nails moisturized. It does help them grow without breaking or peeling. To use this, all I have to do is apply it to my nails and let it soak for two minutes and if there is excess, I just rub it off in the surrounding skin. Usually, most of it does get completely absorbed by the nail. 
For me, this is quite a maintenance and I am guilty of not using this regularly. I just use it when I feel the need for it. And it starts working in the first few days!! So I am never too late to start using this. I also like the light scent it has. 

I was really looking forward to this cuticle treatment, cuz I am really sick of oily cuticle balms and cuticle oils and other hand products that promise hydration but leave a greasy residue. This cuticle treatment is oil free and just after one week of application, my cuticles looked and felt moisturized and nourished. There were no cracks or horned skin around the nails. They appeared so much better! I only used this at nights, although it stays put for longer duration and even after contact with water and exposure to sun.

Overall, I really like both of these nail treatments from Trind. The Nail Balsam helps keep nails moisturised and also helps in growing them. The Cuticle Balsam keeps the cuticles hydrated for long and for me I could see a huge difference with a week for applying. No more dry cuticles and horns! Isn't that amazing

You can get these from or visit to find a store location that is close to you

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