May 27, 2014

dr. brandt microdermabrasion - exfoliating face cream Review and Swatches

Dr. Brandt products have amazed so many celebrities and bloggers that I was confident this exfoliating face cream will be life changer for me. As much as I love my Microderm360, I have to say that the conventional manual exfoliation, by facial scrubs or a microderm exfoliating cream like this one, are easier to perform and in lesser time. So whenever I am in a rush, I use this, to keep my skin soft, clean and smooth. If you've been following my skincare adventures, you know that I dislike facial scrubs, because they feel scratchy and overdry my skin; I was still willing to try something which is the Best of Beauty Award Winner by Allure. 
Here's is an account of how I feel about this product.


Dr. Brandt's Microdermabrasion is a great option for a weekly facial exfoliation. Its a cream base with very fine pharmaceutical grade crystals that exfoliate and smooth skin's texture. I do feel that my foundation applies much beautifully whenever, I exfoliate with this first. It contains lactic acid which is anti aging and helps keep skin looking radiant.
My only issue is that the crystals feel very harsh against my skin. They have never scratched/peeled my skin but I do find it to be very abrasive! I go very softly and massage it over my skin, very very gently. It even says in the directions to apply this very gently, and it must be taken literally or you are gonna feel how harsh it is on your skin.
The results are awesome. It does take a few uses to really see the results and I would have to say that it truly does polish and renew skin. I use it to maintain my skin whenever I dont have the time to go for Microderm360.

Dr.Brandt's Microdermabrasion is available at London Drugs for CA$90 for 60g tube.

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