January 26, 2014

Montagne Juenesse Dragon Fruit Sauna - Photos and Review

Its my Sunday Spa day! And its time for a sizzling cleanse! Are you ready for the Dragon Fruit Sauna?

I used this cotton headband to keep all my hair away before applying this mask. This is from www.farelyco.ca
It stretches nicely and fits well on head. It has velcro straps for adjustment and doesn't get stained easily!!

Oh yes! that heated up a bit! That flesh colored mask looks scary but it soo refreshing!

This mask has dragon fruit, pear, watermelon and kiwi extracts to effectively clean pores and give us a clean and smooth skin!
I rinsed my face with water, then applied this mask with my finger tips and it heated up as I was applying to my skin. It was an amazing feeling and I could understand how, a little bit of heat, could open pores, clean all the dirt and oil, and then, it starts to cool down. I applied this for 10 to 15 minutes and then I rinsed.
The texture of this mask is a bit runny and in the pic above, you can see it getting  in to my brows, although I took this pic within 2 minutes of application. I would suggest, its best to lie down and relax with this mask on.
The results: Clean, soft smooth skin. I would recommend this as a sweet indulgence on a weekend or even every day! Montagne Jeunesse masks are so good for skin - they are vegan and so affordable! This mask is for $2.49 and is available in a number of stores here, including London Drugs. Or you can also purchase this from FarleyCo using this link: http://www.farleyco.ca/Products/Montagne-Jeunesse-Dragon-Fruit-Sauna-Face-Mask-0838000324571.html

Hope you enjoyed this review!!

Have you tried Montagne Juenesse masks? Which ones are you favorite?

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