January 21, 2014

Marcelle Velvety Eye Shadow + Primer in Rose Swatches and Review

Hey guys!
I found an amazing eye primer and I felt it was absolutely necessary to share with you guys, even if that meant blogging so early in the morning!! Sometimes, I just need an extra boost to lift my mood and talking about great finds like these makes all the different. 
Its Marcelle's Velvety Eye Shadow+Primer in the shade called Rose. Its antioxidant rich, waterproof and makes eyeshadows last for 12+hours. Its also crease proof. Lets find out more!



I have been using Marcelle's Velvety Eyeshadow + Primer with almost all types of eyeshadows, whether powder, mineral or cream and I was amazed that it worked so well with all types of textures. I have it in the shade called Rose, which is a cream pink shade and has fine shimmer in it. 
When used alone as a eyeshadow, it appears like a neutral pink shade with shimmer in it, that is very day time appropriate and looks great for a no makeup look. When I used it as a primer and layered on another color, it added to vibrancy of the shade and the finely milled shimmer takes it to a whole new level. Especially, with matte eyeshadows, which can appear boring and chalky, this primer adds just enough shimmer to make them look more of a satin finish. 
Its truly a crease proof formula and I did not notice my eyeshadows creasing at all, when I had this as a base. Its also waterproof and makes my eyeshadow waterproof too! So I can literally dive in a pool without worrying much about the shadow. It totally lives up to the claims it makes and is definitely something I would recommend to a friend.

You can purchase this from Marcelle's website and you could also find this in most drug stores, like Shoppers, Walmart or Superstore. It retails for CA$15.95 for 4.5 ml tube. Its a high quality product which is also paraben free and gluten free. Its available in 5 shades, and I can't wait to get my hands on them.

Hope this review helps you :)

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