December 8, 2013

Introducing ESSENSITY hair color & care range from Schwarzkopf Professional

Discover the Natural Beauty of ESSENSITY:
Introducing the newly relaunched ESSENSITY hair color & care range from Schwarzkopf Professional

ESSENSITY by Schwarzkopf Professional has been relaunched to deliver the ideal beauty combination in hair care; outstanding performance powered by natural ingredients! Designed to provide uncompromised results with its exclusive range of 58 vibrant ammonia-free color choices and 8 new color care products, ESSENSITY delivers natural intensity using exclusively plant-based oils! All ESSENSITY formulas are free from ammonia, silicones, parabens, mineral oils and artificial fragrances, positioning itself as the new precedence of natural hair care.

What’s ‘New’ about the New ESSENSITY?
New ESSENSITY delivers stunning natural looking color results with up to 100% white hair coverage, 30% higher color vibrancy and remarkable 50% longer color retention – with even higher care and significantly higher scalp comfort*. The color range is complemented by the perfect tailor-made ESSENSITY care regime to prolong your color even further. With two variations of care regimes, Color & Repair and Color & Moisture, you can keep your color looking fresh and beautiful, while still addressing the exact needs of your individual hair type.
                                                                                                              *vs. previous Essensity

Naturally Sophisticated Hair Care
After any coloration it is crucial to maintain results with the perfect care. New ESSENSITY care range not only prolongs color results until your next salon visit, but is newly formulated to deliver four times more care and smoother hair*. The innovative technology is based on natural and organic ingredients with fair-trade Marula oil, that effectively replaces the lost lipids of the hair and seals the cuticle for superb anti-fade protection and maximum color reflection. Free from silicones, sulfates**, parabens and mineral oil, ESSENSITY Color & Repair was specially developed as intensive care for damaged, porous colored hair, and ESSENSITY Color & Moisture for deep moisturization for normal to dry colored hair. In addition, all care products are free from artificial fragrance - using only 100% natural fragrance.

                                                                                                                    *vs. untreated hair
                                                                                                                     ** shampoos only

ESSENSITY Color & Repair: care for colored, damaged hair

Deeply cleanse and condition the hair with Marula oil, almond protein and organic pomegranate, to unlock lasting color protection and repair damaged hair.

Color & Repair Sulfate-free Shampoo
Cleanses damaged hair gently and seals the cuticle. Strengthens the hair and repairs from the core. 250 ml, $16.25

Color & Repair Conditioner
Rich, effective formula to nourish the hair, restore lost lipids and strengthen both the inner core and cuticle. 200 ml, $17.25

Color & Repair Intense Treatment
A deep-acting intense hair mask providing extreme conditioning for damaged hair and rapid restoration. 200 ml, $24.75

Color & Repair Protection Serum
Repairs the hair’s structure instantly, leaving it weightlessly soft. The light, creamy texture protects the hair against heat and other damaging external influences, and restores its natural shine. 125 ml, $17.25

ESSENSITY Color & Moisture: care for colored normal to dry hair

Containing Marula oil, green tea and organic aloe vera, to provide deep moisture and effective color protection.

Color & Moisture Sulfate-free Shampoo
Cleanses normal to dry hair and seals the cuticle, leaving behind moisturized, soft and manageable hair. 250 ml, $16.25

Color & Moisture Conditioner
The rich, creamy and moisturizing formula is rapidly absorbed by the cuticle and smoothes hair without weighing it down. 200 ml, $17.25

Color & Moisture Intense Treatment
This deep-acting intense hair mask adds moisture to normal and dry hair, and restores softness and smoothness even to rough, brittle and untamable hair. 200 ml, $24.75

Color & Moisture Spray Conditioner
The leave-in conditioner coats each strand without weighing the hair down. It forms a protective shield against harmful external influences and prevents color from fading. 200 ml, $17.75

Discover a pure beauty enhancement: the NEW ESSENSITY will be available at Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons beginning January 2014. 
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