February 28, 2013

Young Blood Incredible Wear Gel Liner - Review and Swatch

This is the gel liner, I have been hooked on to and I dont know why I never shared about this before. Its been six months since I have been using it. Its a great product and this review may help you in deciding whether you wanna go for it or not.

So here comes, my current favorite gel liner by Young Blood in a non vegan shade called Eclipse. This liner comes in three vegan shades and three non vegan colors. Its mineral, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, fragrance free, safe for eyes and what not!


This is how it applies after six months of usage..a little bit dry but still incredible wear! And of course, I never stretch my eye lids for a perfect liner. I like to wear imperfectly done liner better than premature wrinkles.


Being a beauty blogger, you know what it means to be using something for as long as six months and counting?! It works! Right!
Initially, I felt, this eye liner was not as insanely deep black as I would like for my black eyes but sooner, I began enjoying it owing to the great wear time. This liner never fails!! It does not fade no matter how long I wear it. I have often performed ablution with this on, and it does not come off nor does it smudge upon contact with water. I won't say its water proof but it does survive splashes of water.

Since, its a gel liner, it dries much quickly than a cream based eye liner so getting a perfect smokey liner look may be a bit difficult but I could manage to use this as an eye shadow base for several eye looks! And oh, I have so many eye makeup ideas to share with you. I just wish, I would find sometime, off my current busy schedule to choose and edit pics for a perfectly perfect eye makeup post for the upcoming spring.

Anyways, this liner works well on the waterline too. I never had any issues with it. Its reasonably priced at $21, considering that we get 10oz of product that does not dry out with time and I am quite certain it would last me another six months.

You can purchase this in stores and also online at www.ybskin.com

Hope you liked my review. Please share your favorite eye liners with me!!


  1. i love gel eye liners but the problem is they dry in 6 months.Did you say this one is still working?well then it is a must have.i love the eyeliner you applied.great shape.My fav.This gel eye liner is a bit expensive dont u think?but 10 oz and no-dry make it a great option.thankyou for sharing xoxoxo

    1. Yea! Its not the same as new but hasn't dried out as yet. Still workable!!

  2. a bit expensive but good let me check their site =)