October 11, 2012

Helmet Band-Its in Leopard Faux Fur - Review and Photos

Are you gearing up for the winter season? If you love winter sports, but fear looking ugly in the bulky helmet, you need to worry no more. Of course, safety comes first, but it feels so good to know about Helmet Band-Its which are so functional and so versatile.
Helmet Band-Its are basically a winter-sport fashion accessory that is designed to take the thrill-seeking fashionista effortlessly from day to evening, from slope to lodge, ski or snowboarding to shopping. The innovative fashion line comprises premium and faux fur bands of various styles and colors that wrap around a safety helmet, creating an opportunity for high-fashion safety on the mountainside. Helmet Band-Its meets the contemporary sports enthusiast halfway: where safety meets fashion. (from http://www.helmetbandits.com)

Today, I am sharing with you a Leopard Faux Fur Band.

Helmet Band-Its - Leopard Faux Fur Band

There are three ways to wear this: as a Shawl, Helmet Band and Headband

This Leopard faux fur band can easily transform my helmet to a fashion statement. All I need to do is fasten the straps and use the Velcro strips (included in packaging) to attach the band to the helmet.
This is how it looks when you fasten the straps

The  Velcro straps at the end of the band

Velcro strips
Looking at the size of this band that is great for a helmet, I initially wondered, how it would fit my head. But thanks to the well thought out design, its so easy to make it a perfect fit for any head! It has a concealed hook, that needs to be attached to the loop at the end of the flap, to make the size fit my head.
I think I am going to wear this as a head band till the end of the year. It looks super cool and comfy.
Helmet Band-Its as headband

This is a loop at the end of the band

You can find the hook at approx 6 inch from the other flap end. Its hidden in the fur.

This is how I have worn it during last week when it wasn't too cold and windy as it was yesterday. It provides warmth around the neck and feels really soft and trendy. 

I particularly love this product because it is designed for versatility. Even if I am not skiing, I can still wear it as a headband  or a shawl and oh I just love this leopard print. It looks so cool and is perfect to accessorize almost every winter outfit. The quality is amazing!! I did not find it to be wearing out, and there is absolutely no shedding. I initially feared that Velcro straps at the ends may get ruined due to stretching when I unwrap, but it did not, which is awesome.

I am actually really enjoying this new accessory and I am so thankful that Helmet Band-Its are in the market so we don't have to look ugly or look like men while skiing. Its so much fun to be different and this is the product that really stands out.

This Leopard Faux Fur Band is for $68 and can be purchased from http://www.helmetbandits.com

Hope you liked this post. Keep me posted on what you think about this luxurious winter sports fashion accessory.