January 29, 2012

Sigma Precision Angled P84 Synthetic Brush Review

I won a Sigma $20 giftcard and decided to purchase this brush, as I had none for precisely highlighting and contoring my nose. I have used this several times and this has become my go to brush for contouring, not just my nose, but also the hollows of my cheeks. How is this seemingly small brush so good at contouring? Lets find out.

Love the packaging it came in :)


This brush has densely packed synthetic bristles, that are soft and do a great job at applying cream and powder formulas. I use this for highlighting and contouring all over my face. Since its densely packed it picks up products without absorbing them and delivers high impact results.
I precisely apply contouring powder to the hollows of my cheek and then blend it out with a contouring brush. I even use this to blend out my under eye concealer, as its very gentle on skin and nicely blends out creamy concealers as well as the thinner ones.

Overall, I love this brush. It does an amazing job and has made me curious to try out the other brushes in the Synthetic Precision line from Sigma Beauty.

Find out more here: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/Sigma_Precision_Angled_P84_p/p84.htm

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