November 1, 2022

Aria Beauty Black and Gold Collection - Hair Styling Tools, ft Blow Dryer, Flat Iron, Curling Iron and Mini Blow Dryer

I recently returned from my European cruise vacation and as much as I love being close to the sea, I detest the look of frizz, therefore, I decided to take the Aria Beauty Flat Iron with me and what a life saver it was! It is dual voltage compatible which means I can use it in Europe and in North America. 
The Black and Gold Collection by Aria Beauty featured in today's post is not only beautiful to look at, it also outperforms all of my other styling tools. More on this is today's blog..

I always thought my thick and long hair needs at least one hour to dry. Even my hairstylist fears washing my hair because she know how long the drying time can be! No kidding! But this Infrared Blow Dryer by Aria Beauty took way less time; literally 15 minutes to dry my hair so it was ready for styling. 
I love curling the ends of my hair, to better frame the layers around my face, and this hair dryer made all of that possible within 30 minutes! It is not as noisy as my other hair dryers and takes less than half the time to fully dry my hair. I also noticed that it made my hair feel soft and shiny after blowdrying, so I sort of believe that it doesn't harm the hair as much as other blowdryers do.
Its also a very powerful blowdryer that is designed to perform like a 2200W dryer using the infrared technology when it only uses 1300W! That is impeccable! My only complain is that the buttons do not have any labels on them, so I have to guess the temperature setting and it takes me a few tries to know what I am doing. 
Overall, this is a powerful hair dryer that quickly dries my long and thick hair, it's relatively less noisy and leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny with significantly less frizz! I would totally recommend this!!

This tiny but mighty blow dryer is so powerful, I have kept this in my gym bag for daily use. It's a perfect size to travel with as its dual voltage with foldable handle and comes with a gold diffuser and a concentrator. It looks super sleek and uses ionic technology to eliminate frizz. It is so lightweight and less noisy, making it so easy to work with. I love keeping a mini blowdryer in my gym bag as it often comes handy after a shower and though my gym has hair dryers, they are no match to this mini Ionic BlowDryer by Aria Beauty. I absolutely love this and can't wait to pack this for my next vacation. 

My most used hair styling tool is this lovely Infrared Flat Iron by Aria Beauty. I used it every day since I got it and I absolutely love it. It features 1" tourmaline ceramic floating plates. This infrared hair straightener is a breeze to work with. I love how there is a little chime when it turns on and when it has reached the set temperature. It heats up fast and works wonders on my hair as it straightens with just one pass. I also love curling my hair with this and I used this to curl my hair on my vacation and the curls last without a hair spray! I absolutely love how useful this flatiron had been to be and I can't ever imagine not using this. 
Since it is dual voltage it can be used while travelling and the super long cord, 2.6m to be exact, allows me to style my hair no matter how far the socket might be. It seems like a professional quality flatiron but at an affordable personal use price. I would highly recommend  you to give this a try and you won't be disappointed at all!

This 1.25 inch curling wand is the key to those soft romantic curls. This Infrared Curling Iron by Aria Beauty has adjustable temperature setting and can heat up to 450F. It also features a long 2.2m swivel cord which makes styling my hair super easy. I love the little stand or the support bridge to protect surfaces from unnecessary burn. It's safe to work with and is lightweight compared to my other curling wands making it much desirable to use. It adds shine and softness to curls and the curls last days! I love using this curling wand, though I usually curl with the Aria Beauty Infrared Flatiron more often, but for bouncier, bigger curls this curling iron is a must have.  

Overall I love the Black and Gold Collection by Aria Beauty as all the hair styling tools in this collection perform significantly better than anything else I have tried. My favorite is the hair blowdryer and the flatiron which I use the most!  I love that these are lightweight and they look absolutely stunning in the black and gold packaging. They use ionic and infrared technology for superior performance which uses less power and they result in soft, shiny and frizz free styles!  I would highly recommend you to try these out as my hair loves them!    

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