April 6, 2022

Velour Lashes Effortless No Trim Natural Lash Collection in Would I Lie? Review

I hate false lashes! I can't stand the extra and completely unnecessary drama on the eyes! And every time I look at someone with extra dramatic lashes, I cringe!! I don't think anyone looks good with false lashes on a daily basis but I know there is a time and place for it which I will talk about later in this post. I much prefer the lash extensions look because there is no visible band on the eyelids and it definitely looks much better in person too. And the redness on eyes of fake lash wearers! Like why would anyone do that do themselves? Glueing something to your precious eyes, getting them red, adding so much volume to eyes that screams "I need attention" or "I am ready for Halloween"! Like why?! 
Please let me know if you think its too harsh for me to write it down this way, but this needs to be said and if you are just starting out in makeup then please know that you don't always need fake lashes. If you have sparse lashes and mascaras aren't doing the trick then the world has progressed to lash fillers, lash extensions, lash serums and a wide range of natural looking options that not only enhance your beauty but also prevent you from using glues and tweezers close to your eyes on a daily basis.

Now that I have cleared the air around my dislike/hatred for false lashes, let me tell you that the world is crazy about these because they can make anyone look extraordinary in photos and in the era of social media, photos are everything! So why not pop on those fake lashes and look our best. 
Every time, I get my makeup done professionally for a special occasion, I always get false lashes because I know I will be photographed and in portraits and group photos, I want my eyes to look big and more open (hope that makes sense). Sometimes I am asked if I want them on at an extra cost, and sometimes the makeup artist just glues them on as part of her artistry. Nevertheless my makeup looks great and photographs look perfect, even when I dislike those lashes. That's the only time I would stick false lashes to my eyes and I think it is worth it once in a while. Removing them and getting rid of lash glue from my eyelids is another story. But the fact is that fake lashes can make me look great in photographs and have a place in my makeup bag for special occasions only. 

During the pandemic, I had to do my makeup myself and I learnt a few tricks to save time and keep my cool while getting ready for something special and I knew I needed a pair of falsies to get those 'professional' results. I have tried a few different types of false lashes on my own, including the infamous magnetic lashes but I finally settled for cruelty free, vegan lashes from Velour Lashes. More on these in today's blog.       

Probably the first thing you notice just looking at these lashes is that they are shorter in length, the band is quite thick and it has a natural looking volume to it. That is pretty much everything I like about this style called Would I Lie? from Velour Lashes. The seemingly thicker band eliminates the need for eyeliner on the lash line, so I only need to line the inner corners and the outer corner of my eyes, which is a favorite on TikTok and Instagram by bedroom-confined beauty gurus. It adds a nice volume to my existing lashes and makes my eyes look more open. I never use mascara on false lashes because it is very hard to clean it off without destroying the lashes, so I blend and press them together using a lash curling tool. It gives me the fluffiest looking full volume lashes. 
I have used this lash a couple of times and there is not much shedding, so it seems like it will last me many more uses. It is hard to tell how many uses I can get from a false lash before breaking it in half, but the most I have gotten was 12 uses from a lash a makeup artist used on me. I was told it was a faux mink lash and it was a heavy, full volume and dramatic lash. Not my favorite but it lasted me 2 weeks of wedding celebrations.   
These Effortless, No trim  Natural Lash Collection by Velour Lashes is quite light weight on eyes and very easy to apply. The no trim makes it much easier to apply and since the volume in this style is more towards the outer corners of the lids, it makes any eye look appear elongated and bit more round - perfect for smokey and romantic looks. I love how these look on me and I think these lashes are one of the nicer, better quality and more wearable lashes available on Sephora. I got these on sale and I think they are worth it even at CAD 34.

Velour Lashes Effortless No Trim Natural Lash Collection in Would I Lie? on my eyes

Just looking at these photos now, I feel this lash is a little short for my big eyes 😜 That is also the reason it looks a lot better on me because there is much less 'drama' and it doesn't look all that fake as well. So if someone is guessing whether my lashes are real or fake, I can just answer why would I lie? lol 

Overall, I love these lashes on myself, even though they seem a little short but they make my eyes look open and rounder so it suits my face shape. It's not overly dramatic and it works with most of my makeup looks. Have you tried these? Let me know in the comments below :)
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