January 3, 2019

HERBIVORE Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask Review

Hello everyone,
Hope you all had a great start of the new year. I stayed very busy with my family and friends this time around and as much as I feel blessed to have great people around me, I wish the same for all of you. I missed blogging and sharing some amazing products with you, so today I am sharing a face mask from Herbivore. I had never heard of this brand, if it wasnt for Sephora and the sale season allowed me to splurge on this expensive product. This two ounce jar retails for C$60 at Sephora Canada and promises to to 'gently exfoliate, smooth, and resurface the skin' and it is recommended solution for acne, redness and pores. I have been suffering from all of this. Though my acne is under control but I still have some acne marks and scars to work on. So, I gave this mask a try and here are my thoughts. 

This mask is vegan, cruelty and also gets a 'Clean at Sephora' seal which means that this product is free from toxins and has less than a percent of synthetic fragrances. I like to use products that are close to being natural and skincare is something I am so passionate about, especially exfoliating with something like this.
Ever since I started exfoliating daily, my skin feels a lot more cleaner and radiant with less and less clogged pores. However, a daily exfoliant must not be a harsh one or even a facial peel. Peeling is always recommended as a twice a week or once a week routine because you can run the risk of damaging your skin's protective layers, hence making it more susceptible to infections, acne, redness, all the bad stuff. So, I thought, since Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask is a peeling mask with a lot of natural and good ingredients so it should work for me and since its a 2oz jar, even at a high price point, it should last me three to four months and I think I am right.
This stunning blue mask is a AHA + BHA Resurfacing peeling mask that exfoliates without over drying. It has a nice bubble gummy scent and I only need a light layer all over my face and décolleté for it to work. I leave it one for 10 minutes and remove with a warm and damp paper towel. I also massage it gently before removing to loosen the mask from my skin.
The result is smoother cleaner skin and I see the most difference overnight when I use this at night time after cleansing followed by night cream and in the morning my skin looks so fresh and clean.
Inside the box, there is an instructions guide, and a spatula to apply this mask. The jar is full of a deep blue jelly like mask and it says on the packaging that the blue color comes from the Azulene present in Blue Tansy oil which is high in anti-inflammatory properties.

The first ingredient is aloe juice which explains why this mask is hydrating and calming. When I used this the first time, I followed all the instructions, except that it says that "for sensitive skin leave on 5 to 10 minutes..'. I left it on for 20 minutes and when I washed my face, I had red patches on areas where my skin was recovering from acne. It wasn't a pleasing sight but I got a strong message that this mask is potent and needs to be used as instructed, so the next day I left it on for 10 minutes and that's how I am using this every other day - for 10 minutes only and I love the results. I follow with my Belif water essence and then my moisturizer and my skin looks a lot better than before.

If there is anything I would change, it is the packaging. The jar can get messy and allow the mask to react with air, making it less efficient overtime or even harden. I realize that all of that might not happen with this particularly, but I have thrown out way too many masks because after a month, they stop working or lose their efficacy, forcing me to buy something else. I wish Herbivore would have designed a tube instead of a jar, to make it much easier to apply, retain it efficacy and be a better bang for my buck.

I would definitely recommend this to everyone if you want a natural, cleaner, toxin free facial peel mask that works fast!

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