February 2, 2014

Gardener's Dream by Aroma Crystal Skincare Products Review and Photos

A few days ago, I shared some of my bath and body care products from Gardener's Dream and today, I am sharing the skincare stuff that I have been enjoying a lot lately. If I had a favorites of the month post, it would feature all of these products! They are chemical free, cruelty free and paraben free and contain essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint and more. These products are not only for moisturizing but have healing properties for several indications. Lets find out more about these aromatherapy products..

Gardener's Dream Lip Saver, Morning Dew Moisturizer, Ohm and Cream

This is an aromatherapy lip balm containing essential oils of carrot seed, melissa oil, tea tree oil and many more with anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties to provide elasticity, hydration and smooth lines on lips. It feels exactly the same as other lip balms and is relatively quick absorbing. It doesn't feel heavy or sticky on lips.
It has the fragrance of essential oils which I did not like initially, but the benefits definitely outweigh it. More over, I felt that this starts to melt if I carry this around in my handbag and I can feel it getting more oily on lips. So, for me, its best to use as a treatment than on the go lip balm. I love using this for night time as it keeps my lips moisturized all night long. Its the first lip balm that has moisturized my lips from within and has given hydration that lasts. Previously, I was just switching between brands to find the right one. For me, this is the best I have come across so  far!!
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This cream is really a medicine! It has tremendous healing properties and has won 31 National Awards for 'The Best Body and Skin Product' and 'Best Aromatherapy Product'. I literally use this as a skin treatment. I use on dry patches, eczema, redness and even acne and it has help me relieve those symptoms. I even apply this to my elbows and heels at night. Its really an amazing product to have.
The texture of this is thick and almost like a paste. It feels quite balm like and greasy and skin stays oily for some time before it gets completely absorbed. That's one of the reasons why I use it at night time. It has the signature scent of Gardener's Dream products which is a strong scent of essential oils.
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This is a light weight, non greasy and quick absorbing moisturizer. It has a pleasant scent and I love using this for day time. The size is good for travel too. I really like the packaging and the fact that it comes with a pump. I need three pumps for my face and neck of this moisturizer. It contains sweet orange as an active ingredient that improves complexion. I have actually been feeling that my complexion improved over the last 3 weeks or so and even the redness due to acne has diminished, so I can safely attribute the changes to these products as I am only using these on my skin.
The only thing I wish for was more hydration as I have normal/dry skin and I feel the need to reapply this every now and then. I feel someone with combination-oily skin will enjoy this a lot. I usually mix this with the Ohm and then I find it to moisturize for longer periods.
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This is my favorite product! Its a thick cream with anti aging properties that also helps reduce dark circles. I have used this at night time and I also enjoy this for day time. It nourishes skin overnight and promotes a youthful complexion. I notice that my eye area look significantly improved in the morning from the night before. It does help in fixing dark circles but they have not vanished completely. They at least get better to an extent that my eyes do not look tired all the time (or at least without a concealer).

It is also quick absorbing and leaves my skin feeling non greasy and without any residues. Its a great cream for regular use, however, I did not find it to be 'as' moisturizing as I expect my night creams to be. It does not dry out my skin completely, but every morning I do feel a slight stretch in my skin. It could be the severely dry weather too, that is having its toll on my skin. So for this weather I would like to use it more as a day cream than night, because I love the fresh face look it gives to me. For Spring or Summer time, I would transition to using this as a night treatment. Its also anti aging and completely free from harsh chemicals, so I am never moving away from this one.

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Here's a swatch for all the four skincare products I have shared above. You can see how the texture varies from thick Gardener's Dream Cream to a more light weight Morning Dew Moisturizer. I even swatched the lip balm, so you can see that it completely clear.

Hope this review helped you find some amazing skincare products that have the benefits of aromatherapy and can be a lot more than just skincare.
You can purchase these products from their website using this link www.aromacrystal.com

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