Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner - Waterproof in 003 Black - Review and Swatch

This post features a liquid eye liner from Rimmel. I have had this for a year now and I use it on and off. Today, I was just wondering whether I should use it any more, because it has not dried but its been a year since I own it! aahh well!! So lets begin with the photos and then I will share my final thoughts on this.



As shown in the picture above, its a really intense black shade which dries to a semi-glossy finish. Typically liquid liners have a shiny finish, which I do not like, but thankfully this is not that glossy looking. Its not completely matte but you can work your way around it, and I will tell u how in a bit.

First, lets talk about the product. It comes in a   standard liquid liner packaging and with a felt tip applicator. It is great for precise application and gives me much control on how I want my eye liner to look. Its great for lining close to the lashes and also to get the perfect winged look. I think a felt tip applicator is a time saver and much better than those brush applicators I have seen in liquid liners before.

It says on the packaging that this is waterproof, but it is NOT!! It washes off with just a  drop of water!! No special makeup removers needed! We would all love our waterproof makeup, if it was that easy to remove, right? So, that was a disappointment.

The formula is good. Its not too thin and dries pretty quickly. Its very pigmented and just a single sweep would do the job. It definitely has a good lasting power. For me it stayed on nicely for 6 to 7 hours!

As I mentioned above, that I do not like the glossy finish of liquid liners so what I do is, that, I line my lashes with eye shadow using a small angled brush, first. Then I define it further with this. In that way, some of the glossy-ness is covered and it also gives me more control on the liner. You can try this, if you wish or simply just throw away the liquid liner and get a gel/creme liner to get a precise, matte application.

Overall, I would say, its a nice product. Definitely not a must have. But if you like liquid liners you can give it a try. Its definitely not waterproof but does last you the whole day, as long as your eyes do not encounter any humidity! It just comes off with the slighted amount of water.

Hope you found this review helpful. Do comment, if you have used this and how you liked it...

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  1. looks nice I never tried this nor I plan to do =p